Saturday, February 12, 2011

RAMBLINGS: The flame is to explode and not, implode.


This is what my forest looks like now. The light's going out.

This week has been frustrating, academically. I haven't got the slightest idea as to which language the professors are chanting in. I know they are from China, with intelligence following like waterfalls but that metaphor also applies to the way they speak, sentences without any vestige of the existence of punctuations. The MAS 315 professor, especially. You can actually hear the 'Huh?!?' resonate throughout the entire lecture theatre each time he is done with a slide.

And I'm still waiting for a professor to tell us the difference between population and sample. How can you not do that for Statistics? Even if it's assumed knowledge, someone has to say something about it in some way, no matter how insignificant!

They just throw us all the technical stuff; formula after formula. No one bothers to explain the 'story' behind the, say, Binomial Distribution.

Math shouldn't be just words; empty and making no sense at all. It should be a story.

All these dumbass machines, characterized by their studying method (i.e. 死背。 I'm not so certain if the second character is right.), kill studying.

But what's more frustrating is that my initial flame is beginning to implode. And stupid me is dealing it the cowardly way; hiding under my blanket, doing everything else but study and pretending that everything will be okay tomorrow.

The 'tomorrow's will come to an end, dear Charlene.

Parting words: You didn't slog your ass off for the past gawd-knows-how-many-years to settle for an average degree. Magic doesn't happen. Hard work does.


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