Tuesday, February 8, 2011

REVIEW: Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder

left: Fair (Light 0-1), right: Ivory (Light 2-3)

What are these?
These are pressed powders to keep the oilies away!

What's the packaging like?
It's a compact that flips open. The bottom can be swiveled out to reveal a mirror and a puff.

Which shades have you got?
Fair (Light 0-1) and Ivory (Light 2-3).

Hmmm... How do I make a decision between these two?
Fair has yellow undertones, whereas Ivory has pink. But really, when you blend them out, there is no difference.

Show me?

What do you apply these with?
EcoTool's Bamboo Powder Brush and the puff that comes with it.

What do the products claim to be?
"Air-Soft Matte Perfection. Oil-Free. Won't Clog Pores. Dermatologist Tested."

So... Air-soft matte perfection?
YES! On lazy days, when I can't be bothered with my B.B. cream (It's Missha, by the way and it's awesome!), I just brush this on and my complexion looks completely smooth and almost flawless!

Almost flawless?
Yes, well, this product doesn't provide much coverage. It does cover the slightly red patches on my face but for blemishes, I will need my B.B. cream for that.

Hell yeah!!! For a school day that lasts around 8 hours (From the moment I step out of the house to the moment I step into the house.), I only need to blot once, or twice the max. It keeps my face completely shine-free and non-reflective!

Won't clog pores?
I started using it in December. I haven't noticed any clogged pores or anything like that.

Dermatologist tested?
Umm... You have to trust them on this.

Where do I get these?
Local drugstore haven't got them... BUT you can get them online at under-twenty20 for 10 bucks each! (:

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