Wednesday, February 23, 2011

REVIEW: Too Faced's Pink Leopard Bronzer

I bought Too Faced's The Bronze & The Beautiful last year. In fact, it was featured in my very first haul entry! But silly me only played with it a couple of times and in it went into the dark recesses of my cupboard. It was only recently that I decided to blow the dust of the box.

The Bronze & The Beautiful contains 3 bronzers;

Snow Bunny: A skin perfecting winter bronzer
Sun Bunny: The cult favourite of medium bronze
Pink Leopard: Illuminating tropical tan

and a flat kabuki brush.

Without flash

With flash

I'm an avid fan of Blair (a.k.a. juicystar07) (I really don't care if her real name isn't Blair or if she did a nose job. I mean, she does pretty awesome makeup tutorials!) and she used to really like the Pink Leopard. So that was exactly the one which I dived into.

According to Too Faced's website, the Pink Leopard contains golden bronzes, gilded pinks and neutral fawns. You're supposed to get the much coveted and super sexy sun-kissed glow, like you just came back from an African Safari!

Without flash

With flash

Those who have met me know that I'm pretty fair and I like being fair. Asians. Haha. So I was pretty skeptical after I blew the dust off. But I didn't have anything else to do, so I decided to 'just do it'. And golly gee!!!

Okay, I don't know if I looked like I just got back from Africa but you bet I had THAT glow! I didn't even have that fabulous a tan when I was on my junior college's soccer team!

The colour doesn't go muddy on me and it blends perfectly with my fair skin. I like to pair this with Urban Decay's Polyester Bride as a brow highlight. Okay, I know. Weird matching; bronzer and brow highlight?!? But my everyday eye makeup is pretty light. It is only when I apply Polyester Bride that my whole face glows even more (Like is this even possible?!?)! I am guessing it's the contrast between the two of them but whatever it is, I look really awake, full of energy and it's like I swim every single day! XD

So unless you hate shimmers, Pink Leopard is going to garner as many muffin points for you as it has for me! :D

This set is available at Sephora for $63.

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