Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Because girls wear their hearts on their skirts.

Today's theme was 'Outrageous'. The initial plan was to wear a black asymmetrical skirt with inner mesh lining that sticks out, a white tee and an awesome black, gothic flower necklace. But the innate desire to blend into the crowd binned that idea.

Still, I stuck out. Of course.

F21's black lace tank top
Topshop's black cropped top
ASOS PETITE Knitted Heart Print Skirt
Random black knee-high socks

I think I looked like a Londoner. Or at least, I felt like one. I think it's the whole knitted skirt thing and long sleeves. (Think: Wet, gloomy London weather. Except that I'm in SG and the weather was nothing like that.)

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