Saturday, March 19, 2011

UPDATES: I'm still on the ship!

Hey guys!

I'm so terribly sorry for leaving you hanging after my previous entry. School is consuming me at the moment and I'll be back on March 31st, pinky promise! I guess I could have squeezed in an entry or two for the past week but I didn't want to end up with sub-par entries when my head was revolving round the coming midterms. ):

Come March 31st, I will be doing my follow-up on my Babyliss haul and a couple of reviews. On Thursday, I attended the Vichy's White and Dots Party and was introduced to the Bi-WHITE REVEAL range (I got to meet Pearlin, whom I have read so much about from other blogs, and Eunice, whom I have been tweeting to for quite a while now! (: ). I have started using this range and I can't wait to do a proper review for it. Am an aspiring Snow White, yo!

On a less chirpy note, I got one of my worst haircuts on Tuesday. My hair ends are curling in every possible UGLY directions. I have tried Liese's wax but it does absolutely NOTHING. Help, anyone?

I've got to jet now, but before I go, I'm going to link up my sister's blog, Wunderbar Cried The Bird. She writes amazingly (Literature student here.) and her fashion sense is way more daring than mine. (:

If you need to contact me, just drop me an email at or tweet me!

Lots of love,
Charlene J.

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