Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EVENT: Vichy's Bi-WHITE REVEAL Workshop

During my Recess week, I took a break from the crazy mugging and attended Vichy's Bi-WHITE REVEAL Workshop held at Once Upon A Milkshake. I was especially interested in this workshop because just like many other Asian women, I'm an aspiring Snow White! (:

To kickoff the event, Dr. Jonathan Lee, from Aesthetics & Rejuvenative Medicine, was invited to give us a talk on pigmentation and melanin, the different types of whitening products in the market today and the treatments that are available in Singapore.

With age and excessive sun exposure, melanin, which is responsible for our skin colour, becomes over-produced. This results in uneven skin tone and pigmentation, dashing our dreams of having flawless skin *pulls a face*. The problem is further exacerbated by dead skin, making our complexion dark and dull.

In addition to physical factors, some of the habits that we have cultivated also play a part in sabotaging our skin. They are smoking, the lack of exercising, excessive alcohol consumption and the lack of sleep (Totally school's fault!). Stress, both psychological and physiological, is also a culprit. BIG SIGH.

There are various over-the-counter solutions, with ingredients becoming more superior. But Dr. Jonathan warned us that if we were to encounter any sort of irritation with the products, we should cease usage immediately because skin irritation can actually lead to a worsening of the discoloration. :\

Next, we had Wyman (I didn't manage to get a nice photo of him. He was the one who did the skin analysis for me the other time.) from Vichy to introduce the first derma spot corrector in the market, the Deep Cell Whitening Spot Intervention!

The Deep Cell Whitening Spot Intervention contains 5 times more of LHA and 2 times more of Ceramide White!

Say what?!?

Oops! Pardon me!

LHA is a salicylic derivative that speeds up cell renewal and prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells. Its gentle exfoliation actions removes pigmentation at the skin surface.

Ceramide White is a primary lipid found in the skin layers. It acts as a barrier and helps to retain water in our skin. It is also an effective depigmenter.

This product, 15ml ($59) is available at all Vichy counters. (:

Thereafter, one of the girls from Once Upon A Milkshake taught us how to make their, well, milkshakes! And we each got to make our own cup!

I have been using the Bi-WHITE Reveal skincare range since the event and gosh! Do I notice a difference! Review will be up soon but yes, I do think I'm on my way to becoming Snow White (Now, all I need to do is to look for my 7 dwarfs... And my prince, of course!). Heh.

Thank you Vichy, Pearlin, Eunice and Once Upon A Milkshake for the wonderful event! :DDD

Here was my outfit for the event!

Topshop's crop top
F21's white lace tank top
Topshop's black jeans

Oh yes! This is my ugly haircut! I put it into a really high ponytail and ended up looking like a kid. Which is good, I suppose. To look young is a blessing, no?

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