Sunday, April 10, 2011

HAUL: Makeup from the 'Queen'.

It's going to be a HAUL post today! I haven't had one in the longest time. I'm really trying to cut back from hauling since my MU collection's massive (to me.) and will probably last till my grandchildren have their own grandchildren. Ha! But anyway, a friend, Samantha (Singapore's answer to Legally Blonde. Ahem. You have met her here.), was coming back from the UK, so naturally (Yes, very naturally.), I HAD to ask her to pick up a few items for me.

First up, Accessorize's nail polishes *jumps around*! HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY!!! I got Shade 35, Pink Spice and Shade 39, Mermaid. The former's a tad out-of-character for me. Okay, it isn't 'a tad'. It's 'VERY'. I have got only one other hot pink nail polish. I painted them on my nails once and removed it immediately. It was very Barbie-doll-ish. Completely not me. But we'll see about this. I have been rather adventurous as of late. Hmm... Some sort of a quarter life crisis, you think? *raises eyebrows*

Accessorize's makeup collection isn't available in Singapore (WHY?!? Accessorize, WHY?!?) and Sam mentioned that the makeup collection wasn't available in the Accessorize stores. She found them at Superdrug, UK's Watsons/ Guardian. Funny, isn't it?

Next up are Barry M's products! I LOVE BARRY M PRODUCTS (I pinky promise that the next paragraph will not have a sentence in caps, right after the first.) Unfortunately, Barry M hasn't landed on our island... Yet (Yes, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that Barry M will soon find its way here.). I would have got their blushers but well, ummm... I'm never going to finish what I have right now (I marvel at my self-control.). So anyway, I got the Nail Paint in 115, Red Black just because I'm into reds right now. Red nails make me feel powerful. Don't ask why. They just do. I feel like I'm some high-powered business woman when my nails are red and so, before any examination periods, you can bet your my life that my nails are red; cherry red, blood red, Christmas red... As long as the nail polish's name says 'red'.

The other item is the Lip Paint in 147, Peachy Pink. I have been lusting over this for the longest time! I do hope that my quest for the perfect peach lips will end with this. M.A.C's Jazzed lipstick didn't quite work for me, though swatches which I googled before I purchased it suggested otherwise (It was a big disappointment for me.).

Last but not least, I got some items from Topshop Makeup's Sandstorm collection! I have no idea if this collection is available in Singapore. My recent destinations have been home, school and secret study spots (Okay, not-so-secret if you stalk my Twitter.). What a sad life, but it's ending soon (I'm counting down. Actually, I have been counting down since the start of school. Ha.)! I got their crayon in Equinox (I really need to stop buying this sort of shade. But this shade stands by itself very prettily. I just colour my eyelids with it, line my lash line with a brown pencil eyeliner, dress my lashes with very black mascara and TADAH! My school look!), eyeshadow mousses in Glint and Tundra and gloss stick in Ablaze (Yes, another peachy colour.).

So yep, that's the end of my very sweet (and umm... Expensive. $95 in total. GLOOM.) UK haul. Thanks Sam for running all over London for me! :D I have to jet now (Like, NOW.) and go do up my report.

Till my next entry,


  1. ahh the red black nail varnish looks like rouge noir from it a due for that? I need to have it if so :P

    I really love topshop make up xox

  2. Aint That Pretty: Hey (: I have no idea! I haven't got that colour. But I'll do a swatch over the weekend and put up photos, then you can do a comparison. (: I just googled. I think this runs a little darker...


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