Friday, April 15, 2011

MAIL: From Roseanne!

A couple of weeks back, I won Roseanne's giveaway! I hardly ever join giveaways because if you calculate the probability (Yes, I just HAD to say that. For the uninitiated, Statistics is my major.), chances of winning one is very, very small. But umm... This is the 2nd one that I have won this year. So maybe I should go do my Math again or maybe there is something inherently wrong with Statistics itself or maybe Lady Luck just happens to like me a lot at the moment... And I'm rambling again.

Anyway, I won M.A.C's Plum Du Bois Powder Blush! Roseanne had it wrapped up very nicely in the parcel and she even included a personal letter! What touched me the most was that she actually remembered what we talked about when we first met at the Physiogel event. I really don't know of any other beauty blogger who is THIS dedicated to her readers! I really do wish Roseanne will reach to greater heights (greatest, if possible.) in the 'beauty world' because she deserves all the recognition for her hard work!

So yes, please go check out her blog here, if you haven't already! :D

P.S.: Swatches of the blusher coming up next (Just because I like my entries to be categorized correctly. I know, anal!)! (:

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