Sunday, April 24, 2011

RAMBINGS: Case in point.

flu-induced insomnia/ I've been awake since 5.20am, sneezing my life away. My throat feels terrible and exams are a mere 2 weeks away (Yes, Charlene. 2 weeks away. What are you doing here?!?). Oh joy! Whining aside (Because I really have myself to blame for this predicament.), I finally changed my bedsheets. Now, my bed's dotted with sheep with blue faces and white stars. I wish I had daisies instead (I have developed an obsession with daisies.).

samantha/ Samantha, the lawyer, is leaving on Tuesday and last night we held a little 'surprise' celebration. Surprise with the two quotation marks because I had to tell her that "Oh! This is actually a surprise birthday celebration for you.". It was the strangest moment ever. Seriously, how do people do all these surprise things?!? Maybe it's because I don't hang out in groups so I'm completely illiterate in this area. But anyway, it was a fun night with her, Dor and Audrey! (:

events/ School stinks. I had to decline another event on Thursday. That makes 3 this month. But I'm really grateful because I haven't really got that many followers (On my Onsugar account.). Thank you Organizers for thinking of me! (:

family/ I love my Gran, Dad, Mum, Sis and Bro. I am a very lucky girl.

makeup/ I will be taking a break from beauty blogging until the examinations are over. Thereafter, I shall do some revamping on both sites (Blogger and Onsugar.). Till then, you will have to make do with my whining about school. Heh.

now/ I'm gonna take my breakfast and then, get cracking on schoolwork. Tullah and lots of love!

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