Monday, April 11, 2011

REVIEW: Frolic under the sun with Sunplay!

Living near the equator means that I can forget about getting a vampire boyfriend (The traditional ones who eschew sunlight like I eschew peas. Not Wimpy Cullen.). It also means that sunblock is my best friend.

Wait a minute. Sunblock, sunscreen... There is a difference right?
Yep, there is. Sunblock blocks out sun rays, reflecting them so that they don't reach you at all. Sunscreen, on the other hand, absorbs radiation.

So how do I make a choice?
Sunblock is opaque and can leave an unwanted white layer on the skin. It, however, acts as an effective barrier against the sun rays, so you won't be get tanned at all. Sunscreen allows some sun rays to reach your skin, so you get tanned without getting burnt. But, this also means that the ingredients of the sunscreen break down after a few hours. You'll need to reapply.

Oooh! So umm... About Sunplay?
Oh right... Heh. Digressed, as usual.

Last month saw the introduction of Sunplay SPF80 PA++ UV Body Mist (Sunblock), $17.90! The arrival of it from The Sample Store was very timely as I had just embarked on my journey to become Snow White then. And I must say that I'm having fun with this product! It's like spray-painting my body (I know, cheap thrill.)!

I hold the can at half-an-arm's length away and basically, spray the mist all over my arms and legs. The mist comes out transparent, with a scent like that of Adidas' deodorants; fruity. There is a slight stickiness when first applied but it gets absorbed into the skin pronto! You basically feel nothing at all on your skin and there's no ugly white layer too! This mist is also water-resistant, so go run under the sun with nary a worry of your skin being damaged! (:

The other product that I received is the Sunplay SPF130 PA+++ Super Block (Clear Finish). The 35g palm-sized bottle retails at $17.20. It has the highest available UVA and UVB protection and has UV reflectant technology to reflect UV rays.

This sunblock comes out as a light, watery white liquid. It smells a little of plastic. I got the same smell with the Kao's Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk. This leaves a thin film and it does stay for quite a while. It's not a bothersome or uncomfortable feeling though.

Sunplay's currently having a hamper giveaway on their Facebook page, so do check them out! (:

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