Friday, April 22, 2011

REVIEW: Viccal's No. 2.11 (Detoxify & Heal)

Viccal touts itself as a brand that provides 'skincare solutions by Nature'. Their products contain 100% natural actives and they 'keep it real' by making sure that ingredients are kept pure. Last month, The Sample Store sent me a bottle of the serum, No. 2.11 (Detoxify & Heal), from The Basic Collection for review.

Housed in 20ml sturdy bottle, the serum contains 11 active ingredients to calm and soothe skin. It helps to

reduce the appearance of inflammation,
diminish the visibility of pores and
improve skin texture.

This serum is made for skin that's prone to breakouts and can help improve areas of mild eczema, blackheads and whiteheads.

3-4 drops of the serum are to be applied twice daily, after cleansing and before moisturizing. It has a rather queer scent. It isn't smelly or anything like that. But it smells really queer to me. :\ Anyway, it sinks into into the skin easily and quickly and it aids in the absorption of my moisturizer.

And so... Yes, this is me without a single inch of makeup a month ago (Notice the long hair? Sigh. I miss it. Badly!). I had little blackheads on my cheeks, presumably caused by Skin79's B.B. Creams, and some random spots here and there... And everywhere, especially in-between my brows *buries face*.

And this is me... A few minutes ago! Haha (And gosh! All these close-ups are so strange *hides face*.). The blackheads on my cheeks have completely vanished *cheers and dances*! But they still exist on my nose. The old acne scars, especially the one on my right cheek, have healed. (: I am still getting zits here and there but it could be because I have been keeping late nights and examinations are just round the corner (GLOOM!). Overall, though, the product has helped to smoothen my skin and improve my complexion so thumbs up! (:

Viccal has 2 other serums available:

No. 1.10 (Nurture & Strength), $145
For tired, dehydrated or oily skin.
Regulates sebum secretions.
Nourishes and maintains skin's cellular structures.
Protects skin to stay youthful naturally.
Improves the appearance of skin's elasticity.
Can be used on areas which are easily prone to wrinkles, like the neck and chest areas.

No. 3.12 (Revitalize & Energize), $185
For dull or dry skin.
Re-energizes and supports the appearance of the epidermis (The outer layer of the skin.)
Helps maintain blood circulation.
Improves skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), especially during climate changes and loss of humidity caused by air travel.
Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, delaying visible signs of ageing.

(No. 2.11 costs $165.)

Viccal's products can be ordered via email or you can make a phone call (Details here.). They are also available at The Medical Practice's clinics.

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