Friday, April 15, 2011

NAILS: Barry M's Nail Paint 115, Red Black

Ain't That Pretty asked me if Barry M's Nail Paint 115, Red Black was a dupe for Chanel's Nail Color 10, Rouge Noir in my UK haul entry. I haven't got anything Chanel (yet.) so I can't do much other than paint my nails in Red Black and compare with Google's images of Rouge Noir. Here are the photos!

It isn't very neat, I'm sorry! I painted when I was half-asleep so my precision was way off.

Credits: Nails by Bellan

Barry M's Red Black DOES indeed look like a dupe for Chanel's Rouge Noir. Actually, both shades resemble the shade of a Silky Girl's nail polish which I owned aeons ago.

Now, for my two cents' worth on Barry M's Nail Paints. The application was actually pretty streaky. I have been using China Glaze's nail polishes so I can only make a comparison with that. China Glaze's nail polishes are definitely better in consistency. I think Barry M's Nail Paints apply kind of like The Face Shop's. It took 3 coats to get the nail shade to look fairly even.

Colour-wise, it reminded me of turkey cranberry sauce! I swear my tummy was protesting when I was painting my nails. That said, I don't know what's with me lately because I don't really like the shade at the moment. I know I will like it later on but right now, I'm into bridal colours, like pale pink and light peaches. And a moment ago, I was into red and dark colours.

I think stress from school is making me think funny. *bites lips*


  1. thank you!! it really does look like rouge noir! I will be hunting for red black now :D xoxo

  2. Aint That Pretty: OMG! You're real quick! Haha. Not a prob! (:


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