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REVIEW: Go to the smooth side...with Strip!

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Last Friday, I was invited by Strip to try out their new Strawberry Wax at their new Raffles City Outlet. I thought it was the one beside Browhaus on the basement level but it wasn't. It's located behind the Guess boutique, so the entrance is actually facing the outside of the building.

Anyway, I was feeling a little jittery. Not because of the pain but you know... Nether regions, someone's gonna be seeing it... Haha. Tiphanie who had hers done one Monday was trying to calm my nerves on Twitter! Haha. Thanks sweets! :D

The RC outlet was dressed in bold colours, making the whole place look fun! I thought it looked a lot brighter than the Suntec outlet but I have never stepped into the latter (Just stood outside and wondered what it was like inside. Heh.). The ladies greeted me with wide, friendly smiles, which certainly helped to calm nerve. I was brought to Michelle, Strip's PR Assistant, and she gave me a rundown on the Strawberry Wax and the whole process.

Strip has got 3 waxes; Lavender, Chocolate and Strawberry. They are always working on their waxes, making them more efficient, effective and less painful. The Lavender Wax is a soft wax, whereas the Chocolate and the Strawberry ones are hard waxes. The difference between how the two types of waxes lies in the way they dry on the skin. Hard wax is gentler and are used for waxing sensitive areas whereas soft wax is used for larger body parts with fine hair, such as the chest and stomach. Soft wax binds and pulls hair more forcefully than the hard one (Information from Michelle and here.)

The Strawberry Wax was developed for first time Brazilian virgins. It contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile, 2 ingredients which are known for their healing and soothing properties. And yes, the Strawberry Wax looks exactly like the Yam Yam Strawberry dips! The softness of the wax is allows for easy application. Only a thin layer of it is needed, so it dries quickly and evenly. All these help to reduce the pain and discomfort. Strip's 'motto' is 'Hygiene, Speed, Quality.' so the whole process lasts no longer than 15 minutes.

Every customer will be given a Hygiene Pack of a wipe and spatulas. The packet of wipe is for cleaning before the Brazilian begins. For each dip into the pot of wax, a new spatula will be used to ensure that there is zero contamination.

And yes, most of my photos turned out really crappy that day! I don't know if it was the camera or me but the photos were mostly out-of-focus. ): (I took some photos yesterday and they were fine... So I guess it was me. :\ )

Next, I was introduced to KT, my therapist. I was given a few drops of the Bach Flower Essence under my tongue to calm my nerves. Warm wax was applied to the nether regions and then, off with the hair! KT talked to me throughout the entire process and yeah... I actually felt nothing at all. Even after that, I didn't feel any soreness or anything like that. Haha. And no, I'm not trying to be brave or anything like that. It was seriously nothing to me. But please don't take my word for it. I must have some incredible threshold for pain or something (I think piercing's more painful than this.). I told Ju Ann that it wasn't the least bit painful but after she did hers, she tweeted that it was very, very painful! I think if you have done epilation before, then this will actually be okay for you. (:

Throughout the whole process, you're in a frog-legged position, which was actually a little embarrassing since the light was directly above. But after a while, I was chatting animatedly with KT and kind of forgot about it. Besides, like KT said, I won't ever be seeing her again! Unless I go back... Haha. After each removal of the wax strip, KT used her palm (She was wearing gloves.) to press on the skin. This was to 'calm' the skin. During our chit-chat session, one thing which I thought was good to note was that pantyliners actually thin the skin by absorbing the skin's moisture. They should only be worn when necessary.

Before I left, I was presented with my Brazilian Virgin Kit! Inside contained Hershey's kisses, Strip's Yam Yam Biscuits, Chupa Chups lollipops and samples of Strip's after-care products. (:

X'ed Out Cream: Treats and prevents ingrown hair.
Ice Cream: Soothes and rejuvenates the skin.
Strawberry Body Scrub: Exfoliates the skin.
Strawberry Body Butter: Moisturizes the skin.

Peace was applied right after the Brazilian Wax was done. This helps to inhibits hair growth. Note that the X'ed Out Cream is to be applied in the direction against the hair so that it is easily absorbed into the skin. (:

And here's a little Q&A!

What is a Brazilian Wax?
It's the removal of all hair, both front and back. Yes, EVERYTHING!

Why should I go for one?
Okay, I went for one because well, I wanted to try it and see how painful it really was. Haha. But I think that it's also hygienic to well, clear the bush.

What is the dress code?
I wore a skirt on that day. There are no stipulations about dressing but I would suggest you to wear cotton and absolutely no tight bottoms. You don't want to be aggravating your skin after waxing!

How long does the Brazilian Wax take?
15-30 minutes!

How often can I go for one?
3 to 6 weeks, when the hair length is 6mm.

I'm a guy...
Strip has got the Boyzilian. (:

Currently, Strip is having a promotion for Brazilian Virgins! You ladies get 30% off your first Brazilian Wax (U.P. $58) and get to purchase the Brazilian Virgin Kit at just $15 (U.P. $25) (All prices listed are before GST.). (:

Thanks for reading! And if you have got any questions, just leave a comment or drop me an email! (:

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