Monday, May 16, 2011

EVENT: Vichy's Normaderm Workshop

Last Thursday, I attended Vichy's Normaderm Workshop at House @ Dempsey. It was my first time at Dempsey and I was excited because my cousin's forever tweeting that he's hanging out with his friends there. The whole place, though remote, is like a small classy food village. And I spotted Chen Hanwei, a local Chinese actor, getting into his car (Cheap thrill, I know.).

The workshop was an introduction to their new and improved Normaderm Tri-Activ Imperfection Care. Hailed as the 'most complete popular medical care', Normaderm promises to get rid of imperfections, mattify and provide 24-hour hydration.

Healthy skin doesn't just equate to getting rid of the imperfections. The skin also needs to be

Mattified: Excess sebum can be oxidised by UV rays, resulting in irritation, redness and more imperfections.
Hydrated: Dehydrated skin results in an accumulation of dead skin cells and this causes more imperfections.

The Tri-Activ Imperfection Care is inspired by dermatological peels. The latter involves the peeling and regenerating of the entire surface of the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). This product is the first to have a combination of 3 dermatological peeling active ingredients to target all the layers of the epidermis. They are

Lipo-Hydroxy Acid (0.14%):Exfoliates the surface, refines and soothes the skin and evens out skin texture.
Salicylic Acid (0.5%): Unclogs pores by loosening the cells accumulated in the sebum duct and provides anti-inflammatory action.
Glycolic Acid (0.175%): Works deep-down by penetrating into the skin for exfoliation, stimulates cellular renewal and provides anti-bactierial action.

The product also contains a new generation of gelling agents. There is a 2% increase in glycerin to provide round-the-clock hydration. Silica is also present to absorb sebum.

Above's a photo of the old and new bottles. Both are 50ml but the old one costs $49 while the new one is at a lower, friendlier price of $39. It also comes in a smaller 30ml version that costs $19. The new ones happened because Vichy received feedback that their products were on the high-end, especially for the students. Vichy listens! :D (If you do the Math, it's actually more worthwhile to get 2 30ml tubes than a single bottle!)

I got my first touch of it at the workshop and it smells so much like cucumbers! It has such a fresh and clean scent and it made my hand velvet-soft! I have begun using the product and will review it soon. (:

After the presentation, we had a buffet of treats! I had my first taste of lamb and tuna and... They were interesting! Haha. I actually like the tuna, just not the canned, mashed-up one. And oh! Meet Felicia, the girl who's in the center photo with me! She's my junior college classmate and close bud!

And here's a snapshot of my outfit!

F21's white top
ASOS PETITE Knitted Heart Print Skirt

Lastly, thank you Vichy and Pearlin for the invitation! :D And thank YOU for reading! :DDD

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