Saturday, May 28, 2011

HAUL: From makeup to books!

On Thursday, I met up with my friend Lennard for a hang and he passed me my CVS goodies!

Almay's Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo in Chocolate & Shell is quite possibly one of my favourite piece of makeup because it's fabulous for lazy days. I colour my entire eyelid with Shell and line my tightline with Chocolate. Fuss-free and superbly easy!

Maybelline's the Falsies Volume Express was bought because Blair (juicystar07) loves it. Enough said. :D

Jerlene wrote such an awesome review on the Essence of Beauty's Crease Brush Duo that I just HAD to get it! The brushes are really small compared with my E.L.F and Sigma ones and I do think that they are going to be PERFECT for my puny Asian eyes!

The last item's the Milani Tiger Body Bronzer! It is such a MINISCULE pot! When Lennard passed it to me, I was like "HUH?!?". But whatever. It looks like food to me! So YAY!!! (Char, you CANNOT eat this. CANNOT. Not in a million years!)

This is supposed to be a body bronzer but people on MUA use it on the face and that's what I'll be doing. Fingers crossed that I won't break out or anything like that (I have been breaking out and it's completely horrible! The last time I broke out was when I was what? 15?!? Usually, it's just one or two. But at the moment, it's 7! My best friend is also breaking out and she has like perfect complexion. :\ But oh! My best friend has got 7 too. Haha! Total BFF!!!).

Anyway, the loot cost me about 48 bucks (I bought 2 of the Almay eyeliner duo.). (:

A couple of weeks back, I had a 10% discount code from ASOS so I got myself 2 items; ASOS Kitsch Pow Enamelled Skinny Cuff and ASOS Heart Sheer Tights, to replace the old one which I tore.

This ASOS loot was £12.80, after discount. (:

My sis brought me to The Better Gift Store. It's a level up from Kinokuniya. Take the escalator from the entrance inside (Not the main one.), turn left and it's right at the end, opposite Art Friend. The store sells stationery and toys.

Each set was $8.90. Every second item entitles you to a 20% discount (Off the cheaper item.). I'm not sure when this promotion will end though. :\

All these magnets will go up on my board. I usually write my notes on paper and stick them onto my board, instead of writing them directly onto the board itself so that things are cleaner.

The above clips have magnets stuck behind them and they cost $7.90. In total, I spent $31.24 at that shop. The receipt gladly informed me that I saved $3.36! Lol!

I got this baroque photo frame from Typo for $12. I got myself some wooden letters too. The black and white ones were going at 3 for $10. My sis and I spent a pretty long time there and I think I'm gonna save up for a huge-ass poster (Around $50.) to hang up in my room. :D

And finally, books! Kinokuniya had a 20% discount for card members so these 3 cost me a little below 50 bucks. I haven't got a job this summer (And am not sure if I want to have one.) so these are going to keep me occupied for a while. (:

(I realized that the original fairy tales aren't as pretty as the altered ones. )': )

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