Saturday, May 7, 2011

HAUL: Love, ASOS and Shopbop.

Wohoo!!! I'm done with two papers (Say goodbye to Calculus FOREVERRR!) and my next paper's on the 16th so... Here's an entry!

Other than being a total makeup junkie, I'm also an accessories junkie (My to-go shop: Accessorize.). So I came into a little money recently (Thank you, government!) and I set aside some for the future and the remaining... Well, I decided to 'invest' in a pair of earrings(Dad says I'm talking bull here. Whatever. He's not a girl. Ha! I love you, Daddy!).

Yes, I got my earrings from Shopbop. Mum got herself a pair of earrings too and a cardigan. Orders over $100 entitles you to free shipping within 3 days!!! How awesome is that?!? And just LOOK at the package the stuff came in!!! Everything's so nicely done (Though, it is rather a waste of resources...)!

And tadahhh!!!

Marc by Marc Jacob Logo Disc Stud Earrings! I have been wanting them for the LONGEST time!

Remember how I said I feel 'powerful' when I have my nails painted red? I didn't have time to paint them for the 2 papers I had today, so I wore my earrings for good luck. Fingers crossed that they work!

I paid around 50 for them, which is WAY cheaper than the earrings which I saw at the Singapore's Marc Jacobs outlet. THANK YOU ONLINE SHOPPING!!!

One other brand which I absolutely love is Cath Kidston! Gorgeous, gorgeous, utterly gorgeous designs!!! This pair was on sale over at ASOS and so, yes. I had to get them.

It's Cath Kidston (Like that's gonna explain everything...).

Haha. Alrighty. Tonight calls for a little rest with Pretty Little Liars (YES, I GOT MY SIS HOOKED ON IT!!! HOLAAA!!!) and The Vampire Diaries!


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