Sunday, May 29, 2011

RAMBLINGS: All over.

Summer seems like it started ten thousand years ago. It's hard to believe that my examinations ended last Thursday, or rather 2 Thursdays ago, depending on which calendar you're following (For the French, the week begins on Monday. And I think for everyone else, it's Sunday. With everyone else being well, not everyone else, I suppose. Heh.).

I think it was last weekend when I found out something which I couldn't swallow. I knew it was happening but for it to be happening to people whom you actually care... It really sucks a lot. Present tense, because it's still sucking and I'm feeling all kinds of sad. But life goes on. You do whatever the something is. You sleep. You wake up and get on with life. Indeed, it's just something that people do. But... Sigh. I guess I really am very ancient.

Anyway, I have been heading out almost EVERY single day. My bank's bleeding like nuts and it's crazy because I'm not spending on makeup at all. It's all food and transport and well, MORE food. Nuts. I swear I have gone one size up. I can't wear my XS shirts anymore and I'm not upset about the fact that I have gained some weight. It's just that there was once, when I went crazy, and bought a WHOLE lot of XS shirts from American Eagles and it pains me that I can't wear them anymore, unless I want people to see my curve (Yes, just one.) that is my stomach. Oh... Bury me already!

The siblings and I have been watching 'Supernatural' and gawd! Half the time, I'm under the covers, with my EYES and ears shut. I couldn't sleep for 2 whole nights, which I think caused several zits to pop up. Yes, first breakout since I was 15 and school wasn't the cause of it. I do believe that I am officially no longer the nerd that I was *cheers*.

Anyway, the brother has left for the UK and one week seems awfully painful. I love my siblings (and Gran, Dad and Mum.) so much. I used to pray that we were all joined together at the hands and when that one passes away, all pass on at the same time. I really want to go overseas to study but I can't imagine leaving any of them.

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