Saturday, May 7, 2011

SWATCHES: Barry M's Lip Paint 147, Peachy Pink

Say hello to Lip Paint 147!

This is quite possibly the peachiest lipstick that I have ever owned (Not that I own many lippies.). But I'm not saying that it's a true peach. There are definitely some pink undertones to it and I look like a California girl wearing it. Not a look that I'm going for at the moment, but I'll play around with it some more and it is such a pretty colour by itself, isn't it?

Unfortunately, this lip paint has the WORST consistency ever. Not that I wasn't warned (I do my research before buying a product. *nods seriously*), but you know. There are some things which you just have to experience it yourself before you learn...

And moving on with life... The lip paint applies on patchy. You can totally see it in the photos. I did brush my lips and apply tons of lip balm before applying it and still... PATCHY. ): It is also extremely drying and it's a real shame because I love the colour so much! But I rather have on a not-so pretty lip colour than dry lips. :\

Have you tried any Barry M's Lip Paints? (:

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