Sunday, May 8, 2011

SWATCHES: Topshop Make Up's Crayons!!!

Hey! So umm... I'm still on my little self-declared break from studying (Starting again tomorrow, I promise!). The whole family went out for a little Mothers' Day celebration and then, of course, the ladies scooted off to do some shopping (Sis and I are in DIRE need of some major retail therapy. We bought little though. Offline shopping is a bor-*yawns*-ring.).

We visited Topshop at Knightsbridge, but I wasn't really in the mood to try on clothes because gawd! The weather's hell! So... Heh. I zoomed straight to the makeup section. I wasn't expecting to be wowed by anything but lo and behold...

from left to right: Topshop's Crayons in Woodland, Midnight, Black Jack, Satchel, Black Jack, Lazy Days, Stardust

Aren't they the most gorgeous liners EVER?!? I absolutely ADORE the sparkles like crazy and I literally couldn't tear my eyes away from my hand. I kept going "WOW! Cheryl! LOOK AT THE SPARKLES!!!" and she got so bored with me.

I don't usually look at liners because I have got like... Only a gazillion Urban Decay's ones, of which I only use 2 (Bourbon and Zero.) lately. But wow, wow and triple the wows! I LOVE Midnight especially! Mum loves it too! And hell yeah I got some! *grins*

I got Midnight (I HAD TO!!!), Lazy Days (Love the name of it...) and Woodland! The crayons are 0.08 oz and going at $13 each. Woodland costs $16 though. I have no idea why and I didn't ask either so... Anyone knows why?

Have you got anything from Topshop Make Up?!? (:

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