Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OUTING: Breakfast at Strictly Pancakes!

Last Sunday, Dor and I finally met up after 104385439524359 years! She's currently doing her internship so she's incredibly busy! Summer sure is boring without her. ):

We have been talking about going to Strictly Pancakes since FOREVER but school got in the way *shoots an evil eye*. Anyway, we thought the Dhoby Ghaut train station was the nearest but it isn't! We walked forever and it was raining and Dor kept walking sideways and I couldn't handle the huge umbrella... Long story short, we both got wet and really, the Bras Basah train station is the nearest! Not Dhoby Ghaut (Even City Hall is fine. Just NOT Dhoby Ghaut!).

We got there around 10.45am and were immediately attended to by the staff. She led us to the 2nd level. The place is pretty small, but that makes it warm and cozy! Orange lights lit the place and coupled with the pouring rain outside... Come to think of it, it was pretty romantic! Haha!

Though we were seated a level about the counters and the kitchen, none of us (Those who were on the 2nd level.) was neglected. Service was real quick. The waitresses were all ready to take our orders and get us drinks. Thumbs up for good service! :D

As it wasn't noon yet, we could only picked from the Weekend Breakfast menu but that was what we came for! I dearly wanted to try their Garlic Buttered Prawns though! But the dish is only available for lunch! Oh wells *shrugs*. Plans to visit the place at lunch time are currently in-the-making. Hehe. XD

Dor ordered Eggs-A-Way($10) *points to the top photo*! It's a dish featuring their signature pancakes, black pepper mushrooms and accompanied with eggs cooked in your favourite style; Omelette, scrambled or sunny-side up! :D

I had the All American breakfast($12). This was made up of pancakes (But, of course!), crispy bacon strips, sausages, a quail's egg and a grilled tomato!

Each breakfast set comes with a cup of brewed coffee. You have a choice between a Chilled Brewed Coffee or a Long Black. (:

For our butter, we both picked Garlic + Herb and whoo boy! Garlic + Herb, maple syrup and warm, fluffy pancakes go unbelievably well together!!! I eat my pancakes with all sort of stuff; Ice-cream, Hershey syrups, every friggin' jam that I can find in my fridge... But GARLIC! Who would have thought of it?!? The different tastes (Sweet for maple, salty for butter and pungent for garlic. Yes, the taste for garlic is pungent! Read all about tastes here!) danced to perfection on my tongue and gosh! Both of us ate till we were positive our stomachs were gonna burst!

By noon time, the place was completely packed! People were waiting for seats on the first level! I was really glad we braved the rain for the breakfast (I hate waiting. :\). Anyway, do visit Strictly Pancakes! It's a really nice place to hang and of course, have their mouth-watering dishes (Pancakes, especially! Pick Garlic + Herb!)! :DDD

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