Sunday, June 5, 2011

EVENT: Kanebo's Freshel Event

Last Thursday, Michelle extended her invitation to me for Kanebo's Freshel Event. It was held at Drink Culture and that marked the first time I entered a pub (No, I haven't been to a club yet!)!

The pub is located at 51 Kreta Ayer Rd, with Outram being the closest train station. And gosh! The place is GORGEOUS!!! Baroque style all over, this is exactly what I want my room to look like (But I do like the whimsical style too. Hmmm... Think a mixture will work? Heh.)!

"Feel your beauty."
- Kanebo

Kanebo touts itself as a brand that satisfies customers, aiming to be a beauty expert. Its goal is to help customers find and project the beauty and individuality already within themselves.

The event kicked off with a skit/ musical! This was the most creative event that I have ever attended! The skit/ musical introduced the 2 lines of Freshel;

Moist Lift Series
This series delivers collagen to parched and tired skin. It offers an all-in-one instant solution for busy days. The foundation series creates a dewy and finely-textured high quality skin with one stroke.

The series also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is known for its powerful moisturizing property. It quickens the speed of regeneration for the cushioning and lubrication of the skin. Yeast Extract softens hardened skin and the Adhesive Collagen and Double Hyaluronic Acid penetrate deeply and quickly into the skin.

This line helps to eradicate dark spots birthed from excess sun exposure. The Fruit Acid Mixture present softens the hardened and dried skin, as a result of exposure to UV rays, and Adhesive Collagen and Vitamin C are delivered to the skin reliably.

After the skit/ musical, experiments were conducted to show us the prowess of Freshel products! The first experiment showed how Freshel's Cleansing Oil was water-loving, or otherwise known as hydrophilic. X's Cleansing Oil was hydrophobic, and the mixture solidified after a while! It was really rock solid!!! Pictures of this experiment can be viewed over at Michelle's. (: My camera wasn't being very nice to me. ):

The next experiment *points above* showed how L-Ascorbic Acid, which is found in Vitamin C, tackles pigmentation. The brown patch, which is Iodine, represents the pigmentation and the clear drop in the centre is the L-Ascorbic Acid. After a while, and it's a short while, the part of the pigmentation where the L-Ascorbic Acid was, was completely cleared!!!

Thereafter, we had some snacks. There were smoked duck (Which Ru loved so much!), tomato bruschetta, chili bruschetta (All of us thought the chili slices were mushrooms! And gawd! It was real spicy!) and teriyaki chicken! All in all, it was a real awesome night and it was made even MORE awesome because of the Onsugarette girls! <333

Thanks Kanebo, Drink Culture and Michelle! And thank YOU for reading! :D

P.S.: In conjunction with the ongoing GSS, Freshel and Watsons have teamed up to bring you 30% savings!

Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24) and
White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)
are going for $39.90 instead of the usual price of $57.00! :DDD

The promotion is going to run from June 9th to July 27th at the following stores:

Bugis Junction
Compass Point
IMM Building
ION Orchard
Jurong Point
Marina Square
Ngee Ann City
Parkway Parade
Raffles City
Tampines Mall
Toa Payoh (HDB)
Vivo City

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