Tuesday, June 7, 2011

EVENT: Sunsilk's Product Launch

"Dry your hair gently instead of 'roughing it up' and try not to wet your hair in-between washes. This will help your hair keep its shape and prevent damage."
-Yuko Yamashita

On Saturday, I attended Sunsilk Co-Creates Hair Perfection with Cutting-edge Nano Complex Product Launch, organized by The Sample Store. (:

Sunsilk has teamed up with 7 of the best hair experts in the world to come up with a range of superior haircare products.

Rita Hazan: Colour Care Expert
Teddy Charles: Shape & Length Expert
Thomas Thaw: Dry & Damage Expert
Yuko Yamashita: Smooth Expert
Ouidad: Curls Expert
Jammal Hammadai: Shine Expert
Dr. Francesca Fusco: Scalp Care Expert

This new range features the patented Nano Complex formula with particles 100 nanometres in size (1 nanometre = One-billionth of a metre!). Our hair strand is about 100, 000 nanometres in thickness, so Sunsilk's conditioning particles are a thousand times smaller than a single hair strand!

Since the particles are so tiny, they are able to cover every bit of the hair strand, conditioning and reconstructing it after every wash, without leaving any greasy residue! There is absolutely no weighing of the hair!

"Once a month, apply a deep conditioner and cover with a plastic cap. Then, cover the plastic cap with a hot, damp towel and leave for ten minutes. Rinse with cold water with a few added lemon slices to lock in moisture."
- Thomas Thaw

The main launch for this month is Yuko Yamashita's Silky Smooth and Manageable line. Yuko Yamashita is one of Japan's top hairstylist. She developed the Yuko Hair Straightening system which is used in over 35, 000 salons in Japan!

The Science
The hair shaft, the part of a hair strand which projects beyond the skin, is made up of protein structures and their arrangement determines the style of your hair. Rebel strands result in hair not falling straight. ):

The Technology
As aforementioned, the Smooth and Manageable shampoo contains Nano Silicone particles which coat every inch of the hair strand. It also contains the Smart Polymer Complex which helps to deposit the Nano Silicone particles evenly across the hair fibre.

Key Benefits
This line delivers healthy hair, aligning rebellious hair strands without weighing them down!

Other Ingredients
Keratin Yoghurt Nutri Complex: Coats every hair strand, shielding and protecting hair from humidity and the environment.

"A headscarf is a great and fashionable way to protect your hair. Invest in one made of 100% cotton as this natural fabric will allow your hair to breathe."
- Dr. Francesca Fusco

After introducing the products, the Sunsilk team dished out some precious haircare tips!

1. Shampoo your scalp and apply conditioner to the bottom part of your hair. When you wash off the shampoo, the shampoo washes down and cleans the bottom part of your hair. Condition the ends again. (Psst! Treat your ends like how you treat your Gran! That's what Yuko Yamashita said!)

2. Apply leave-on conditioner on wet hair as it will be distributed more evenly.

3. Towel-press your wet hair. This prevents tangles and hair dries better!

One thing which I like to do is to gently squeeze dry my hair before applying conditioner. (:

We were treated to generous scoops of Ben & Jerry's when the presentation ended *squeals*! I had 3 scoops! Completely, utterly sinful but... YUMMY!!! Hee! XD We even got to go behind the counters to do up our toppings! Rainbow rice, chocolate rice, peanuts, thick, warm chocolate and caramel sauces... Ahhh!!!

And here's Lynn in action! This girl's really cute and also, dangerous! Haha! Within an hour of meeting her, I was all ready to invest my life savings in Asian makeup! And you know I'm not really into Asian makeup. See how 'powerful' she is?!? Haha. Anyway, she's a real dear and she knows a HELL lot about skincare and makeup so go visit her blog! :DDD

So yep, here ends my entry on an awesome Saturday! Thanks for reading and I'll be reviewing the Sunsilk products soon! <3

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