Friday, June 10, 2011

EVENT: Viccal's Thank You Tea Party

On Tuesday, Lynn brought me along to Viccal's Thank You Tea Party (I sound like a kid. Haha.)! Thank you, Lynn! :DDD

This tea party was organized by Viccal, to thank the bloggers for reviewing their products (Read my review here. (: ) and I thought it was a really nice gesture!

Most of the time, once the products are sent and reviews are up, you pretty much don't hear from the companies again. Unless, they want more reviews. :\ It's nice to know that our efforts are appreciated. (:

The venue was at A Curious Teepee. The quirky-looking place houses a store AND a cafe! It has almost everything! From nail polishes (Which cost $38! :\ I think I read about them in 8 Days... Something about it being organic or something. I can't remember. Heh.) to funky sunglasses to awesome shoes to sleep masks! I sure had fun looking at the items! :D

Whilst waiting for others to arrive, Vicky, the founder of Viccal, went around to chat with us. She did up our profiles, talked to us about the Viccal serums, found out what we thought of them and basically, got to know us individually. (:

The party kicked off with Vicky introducing herself, as well as the story behind Viccal. She has worked with many brands in the beauty industry, especially on the manufacturing side, and she found that many unnecessary ingredients go into our products. Hence, she decided to come up with Viccal.

Viccal is a brand that doesn't promise instant results. How brave is it for a brand to come out and say that?!? Most products have instant brightening or plumping effects, but they don't last and that isn't what we want. We want the effects to stay, to be permanent, to be there even when we haven't got the products layered all over our skin. And this, this is what Viccal says it will do.

Viccal contains 100% actives, with no alcohol, preservatives, colourants and fragrances, and it contains only the ingredients which we need and that's all! There are 3 serums to choose from and we can incorporate them in our daily skincare regime (Vicky loves Vichy!). (:

1.10: Nurture & Strengthen
2.11: Detoxify & Heal
3.12: Revitalise & Energise

More information about these serums is available at Viccal's website (I wrote a little about them in my review too. (: ).

Next, we had Francis from glominerals. He did a makeup demonstration on pretty Vivian. It was a day-to-night transformation. I only managed to get a shot of the night look. :\

Francis applied 1.10 on Vivian before anything else. Here are some tips he dished out:

1. Mineral makeup works best on moisturized skin!

2. The way to go: Sunblock, serum, foundation and then, concealer.

3. Concealer can be used as an eye primer.

4. If you were a little too heavy-handed with your blusher, don't wipe it away. Instead, dust loose powder to neutralize it.

5. Use a hydration mist to set your makeup. This gives a natural look.

I came home with a 5ml bottle of 1.10. Vicky advised me to use this during the day as it can help with oil control. (:

Do head on over to Viccal's website to obtain 5ml bottles of the serums so that you can test the products and see the results for yourself! :D And if you have any questions or need any skincare tips, head on over to Viccal's Facebook page!

Lastly, thank you Lynn, Vicky and the Viccal team and A Curious Teepee for this event!

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