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FOR YOUR 411: PIH and What You Can Do About Them

PIH stands for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. They are discolourations left by zits after they have healed. These marks can disappear within a week but some annoying ones can take years to do so. You can read more about PIH here. Do note that these aren't scars. Scars, like pitted scars and keloids, need more than topical treatments to remove them.

I have dealt with PIH for as long as I can remember. Probably when I was 13 and I had the world's most ginormous zit right on the bridge of my nose. After having to deal with the excess growth filled with pus (I know! Disgusting! My worst fear is to have zits popping up on my nose!), I still had to deal with the mark it left. The zit was like all out to 'ruin' my life. Even after it had 'died', it HAD to leave a mark. Grrr...

Anyway, I started 'exploring' ways to get rid of PIH in the quickest possible time. And I'm sure PIH irks you as much as it irks me and we all want them to poof! Vanish! NOW. Hence, this entry on the products which I have used on my PIH! (:

If you didn't already watch my favourites video, well, I swear Hazeline Snow's Moisturizing Cream is godsent! Used by my great-grandma, grandma, grandaunt, Mum and me, since I was 15, I have never once doubted the prowess of this product! A 100g tub costs $3.70 at Watsons but you can definitely get it at a much lower price at beauty shops like Venus and Peaches & Cream.

The product comes in the form of a cream. But it isn't exactly like cream either. Heh. The texture is a little 'rougher' than cream. I pile this on my PIH (Actually, my entire face.) before I go to sleep. Though it doesn't get rid of PIH pronto (They go away eventually!), I do believe that this product is the gentlest of the lot and so, in a way, it's the 'healthiest' for the skin!

Recently, I started using Vichy's Bi-WHITE REVEAL Deep Cell-Whitening Spot Intervention. This is currently their star product in the Bi-WHITE REVEAL line. (:

The product comes out as a light, white cream. It absorbs easily into the skin and has a clinical, clean scent. Remember the PIH I had on my face from my recent outbreak? Well, I have been using this to tackle them! My marks have lightened quite a bit, though they haven't disappeared entirely!

Mum had used this on her freckle before me. She experienced a peeling effect, which I didn't. Having itchy fingers, she scratched it and there was the scab and all. But once the scab dropped off, she said her freckle was a little lighter than before.

Here, I just want to mention that some products, especially those lightening or whitening ones, do behave a little like chemical peels. Thus, the peeling effect is inevitable. Do not scratch it! Leave it alone! Use a gentle moisturizer if need be but if the peeling is severe, please do consult a doctor!

Renew Skincare Australia's Rose Hip Oil is another product which I trust in completely and will buy it again and again, if not for its price tag and its minuscule size!

The oil is non-sticky and absorbs into the skin easily so you won't have any icky yucky feeling! It smells neither pleasant nor pungent but some may not like it. It isn't strong and goes away after a while. (:

When I was using this, I didn't just dot the oil on my spots. That would be like applying a huge lump of gold on one full-stop on my face! 2 drops can cover the entire face! Used before moisturizer, I found that it not only sped up the recovery process of my PIH, it also allowed better absorption of the moisturizer. My skin definitely felt more moisturized than with just applying the moisturizer alone.

Garnier's Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream works via the peeling method. It contains pure lemon essence and natural peeling fruit extracts to exfoliate away the dark cells.

This cream has the loveliest scent; the citrus-y scent of lemon! This did help to lighten my PIH but I found this product to be too strong. I woke up with a slightly red face and when I went basking under the sun's rays, I became redder! Citrus products do make skin sensitive to the sun but the thing was I had applied this the night before. It wasn't like I applied the product and then, went bouncing away in the sun. Anyway, it wasn't severe to the point that I had to see a doctor or anything like that. But my skin's sensitive and I didn't want to risk anything, so I stopped using this.

I definitely would not recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin. For those who have got non-sensitive skin, this is a good product to check out. (:

Another way to speed up the disappearance of PIH is exfoliation. I'm currently using St. Ives' Apricot Scrub. (: How do you get rid rid of your PIH? Any products which you would recommend? (:

P.S.: All products can be found at Watsons! :D

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