Friday, June 10, 2011

HAUL: Heh. Again. XD

Hey! I know, this is my 3rd entry of the day. I'm on a total roll! I feel like I have a gazillion things to say, except that I really don't... So I blog. Haha. Anyway, here's (another) haul!

Lynn and I went shopping after Viccal's Thank You Party. I was looking for Holika Holika Peach Cream BB Cream SPF37 PA++ but gahhh!!! It's out of stock! I have been trying to look for it online but to no avail. SAD FACE. I guess I could join a spree but that would mean waiting and I don't like waiting... :\

Anyway, I decided to look at other B.B. creams and the Holika Holika's Petit BBs SPF30 PA++ caught my eye because of well, their sizes. I prefer smaller products because it means that I'm able to actually finish them and either repurchase them or move on to others.

I got the Moisture and Essential ones. Each costs $14.50 but Holika Holika is having a sale. If you buy 2 items, there's a 20% discount. If you buy 3, it's 30%. I have started using the former and I love it!

The shade fits me fine and it isn't runny. It has a very pleasant scent and it kinda dries to a powdery, matte finish. BUT at the same time, I get the dewy look! I know it sounds contradictory but I do urge you to head over to the store and swatch it!

Out of the 4 Petit BBs that were available, this felt and looked the best! The Moisture one is actually meant for dry skin and I have combination/ oily skin. But it didn't pose any problems for me at all. I did dust Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder over it though. But do go check this B.B. cream out! :D

Next on the list are Canmake's Powder Cheeks blushers! I mentioned before that Lynn got me into the Asian makeup phase, so on Monday (I know, my buys aren't in chronological order. I'm sorry!), I made a trip to Watsons and I probably went in and out 6 times, making swatches, looking at them in fluorescent and natural lights... Trying to pick the shades! *hides face*

Anyway, Watsons is having a 20% discount on most brands! :DDD

This shade is PW18. Admittedly, I was looking for a peachier shade but this.... After I swatched it, I was like "Okay. I NEED this!". Heh. *in a meek voice* There was a discount... Heh.

This pretty peach shade is PW25. Hmm... It actually reminds me of NARS' Gina... Or is it Gilda? Oh gosh. My thoughts are seriously all over the place. Hmm... I will check it tomorrow!

PW18 has discrete shimmers, whereas PW25 has obvious silver glitters. But they don't 'appear' on the cheeks. The blushers are pigmented and last the entire day. I'm definitely going to look at their other shades (There was one shade which resembled NARS' Orgasm!) and other blushers (I heard the cream ones are awesome!)! XD

I picked up these The Face Shop's Nail Dot Pens on Saturday, after Sunsilk's Product Launch. Again, I was with Lynn. LOL. Okay, she showed them to me and I went to Wisma to get them.

And yes, again, The Face Shop is having discounts. I got these 2 for under 10. :D

I had a lot of trouble trying to get the caps off. I was turning and twisting them, until I noticed the grooves on the caps. You are supposed to 'pinch' the caps off! -_-|||

Presenting to you my first nail art! XD The pens are really easy to work with. They are neither too thick nor thin, so you have a good grip on them. The tips are sharp enough for some decent nail art... So thumbs up!!! Yay to cooler nails! :DDD

The last item's Stila's All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten. I got this from Michelle's spree, along with some Clarisonic brush heads. There was a 20% discount (Yes, I do get my stuff only when there are discounts. Uhhh... Okay, I get them too, when there aren't any. But more so when there are *THUMBS UP*.). :D

Kitten's Stila's most popular shade and I have been wanting it for quite some time. But it isn't cheap, so when I saw this duo and the fact that there was a discount... Well, you know what happened. ;)

I'm not exactly impressed with this product (Charlene, what were you expecting? GOLD?!?). But oh well, first impressions. I do need to play with this a little more to pass a more impartial judgment.

And before I end my crazy blogging frenzy, this is a scan from non-no magazine. I have been trying to create the blusher-only-on-the-apples look. But somehow, instead of coming across as cute or innocent, I end up looking stupid. SIGH!

Oh well, practice makes perfect!

I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow marks the end of the 3rd week of my summer vacay. How fast is that?!?

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