Friday, June 17, 2011

RAMBLINGS: As busy as a bumble bee.

The past 3 weeks have been literally INSANE. At the start of each week, I'm like "Oh dear. I need a job. I really need a job. I have all this free time!". But then, I find myself in a pool of appointments and I have to cancel on a couple of friends (I'M REALLY SO INCREDIBLY SORRY!!!).

Things that pop up at the last minute used to irk me because I like things planned... To know what the next minute is going to hold. But I'm starting to be agreeable with 'surprises'... Or 'shocks' since I'm very volatile, emotionally.

But, but, but... Then, it comes to a question of keeping 'promises'. Well, I didn't exactly promise to meet up with anyone (Who promises to meet people?!?) but you know...

Anyway, I did try to find a job. I sent my grades-heavy CV (Because I haven't really got anything else. Oh yes. I've got a string of part-time jobs under my 'Work Experience'. But they are like Promoter, Beauty Advisor, Barista, Tutor... Things that won't lend me a job in the corporate world. I'll do fine in the circus though.) to some companies in Week 1 of my hols and ZILCH. I have heard NOTHING from them.

I spent most of my Week 1 and Week 2 blogging. I was churning out 2 entries everyday. It was like 'Wake up. Breakfast. Blog. Bath. Blog. Lunch. Blog. Gym. Dinner. Blog. Sleep.' and it went on every day. And I guess I am kinda burnt out.

Hence, Week 3 has largely been spent on crying. HAHA. Okay, I'm not miserable. It's just that I have been watching idol dramas, one after another. I complete one drama in a day so... I sleep at 4am and because the sun shines right into my room and I like it this way (To be woken up by the sun.), I wake up at 8-9. And thanks to Hazeline Snow, my face still looks okay.

Of course, my eye bags are pregnant once again.

Anyway, this week has been even MORE insane. I have gone for like... Well, I'm going to have my 4th 'interview' today. I'm trying to bash my way into an area which I have always wanted so desperately but... I don't even have the guts to tell anyone what it is. Well, I did tell 3 friends but you know, I guess what I want is something that everyone else wants. Except those people who have got it. *rolls eyes* (Inserts some Chinese idiom about people who are bathing in happiness but do not know it.)

I'm trying very hard at it but gawd, I get so nervous and I fumble. And before every 'interview', I'm like "Charlene. Think: You're the star of the world. You can do anything. TAKE A CHILL PILL!!!". Yes, I do literally say that out loud. In the loo. HAHA.

BUT guess what?!? Yesterday, I got a call and I got a job! It wasn't the one which I was being 'interviewed' for (And dear gawd. You would have guessed what I'm talking about by now. I'm dying to tell someone about it because I'm bubbling with excitement. But yes, I'm also feeling quite surreal simultaneously. But anyway, I don't know of any friends who read my personal blog. Unless they are silent readers. But no one likes wordy posts. So... I guess I'm still okay. Heh.) but YAY!!! :DDD I'm still waiting for their email though. I'm so afraid that they will be like "Uhhh. Sorry, we made a mistake. We don't need you.". :\

But whatever it is, it has been a very fab week, though an extremely jittery one too. But if I do more of this, I'll probably get used to it and you know, just rock and roll.

And there are so many 'but's in this entry. But (There I go again.) I'm typing out whatever that's in my head and in my head, English grammar doesn't exist. Just words. And a lot of love from Joe Cheng (And for pete's sake, he friggin' looks like Shi Xian in the long-drawn old-auntie show, '爱 (Love)'.)! *starts squealing*

I'm going to start on another drama and I'm meeting my bestie for a dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

There are more dates next week. I feel like I can't breathe already but as morbid as this sounds, it's a nice kind of 'suffocation'. (:

(I don't socialize a lot because I think that the more people you get close to, the higher are the chances of you ending up in a sobbing mess. A really important lesson I learnt in junior college. But it gets to me sometimes. But but but then, I don't really need like a thousand close friends. I just need those buds whom I really appreciate and who appreciates me back. LOVE.)

//EDIT: 4th 'interview' has been postponed to Monday. I swear I'm going to include prune juice in my diet from now on. Gawd. I hope they won't call and say they have found enough people. ):

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