Monday, June 27, 2011


自从我开始再看台湾偶像剧, 就一直看华文有关的东西, 比如书本、电视节目、杂志等等。 真是 out of character。 不过还算是有趣, 尤其是书本。 我忘记了我以前是好喜欢看华文漫画和一些台湾作者的书。 这都多亏六年级的补习老师吧! 这个phase也不知道能last多久。。。 。。。 现在就好好珍惜它。

上个星期到了紀伊國屋書店看到《戀愛NG》by金英珠。 图片看起来好可爱, 而且这本书又是对爱情有关所以就把它买下来。 我昨晚看了几页, 书本真的是好可爱! 这本书虽然是用繁体字, 但幸好我还能猜出意识, 没把钱浪费掉!

好了。 我现在要去看True Blood。 用华文blog真是超难! T_T

Ever since I started on my Taiwanese shows, I have been looking at all things related to Chinese, like books, telly programmes, magazines and the ilk. It's really out of character, I know. But it has been pretty interesting, especially where books are concerned. I forgot how I used to love reading mangas (Which were in Mandarin.) and some books written by Taiwanese authors. This love stemmed from my Primary 6 Mandarin tutor! I don't know how long this phase will last... So right now, I just want to appreciate it as much as possible (Especially since I AM Chinese.).

Last week, I was at Kinokuniya when I spotted 《戀愛NG》 by 金英珠. I bought it because the drawings are cute and also, because lately, I have been wanting to read books on love. I started on the book last night. The book uses Traditional Chinese so I can't read some but thank goodness the meanings can be easily guessed. Didn't waste my moolah!

Alrighty. I'm going to watch True Blood now! Typing in Mandarin sure is hell!

P.S.: And so is translating it in English. I know my writing's choppy!

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