Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Ramblings and well, more ramblings!

Hey Muffins!

So finally, FINALLY! After so many tweets about making a video... Here's one!!!

If you have watched it, I'm really sorry that I just wasted 5 minutes of your life. I'll work on my videos, like talk about my favourites for instance! I haven't done a 'favourites' anything since gawd-knows-when! But I do tweet about my favourites so you can check there. :D

This pair of shoes stole $40 from me. And then, $60. BIG SIGH.

And oh yes! I forgot to mention that this bag came with the Jay Gee card. I actually like it quite a bit. But oh whee! Another black bag to add to my stash of black bags.

Don't you just LOVE this blazer?!? GAHHH! The plaid skirt is from ASOS and I love it tons! But it's too small for my child-bearing hips. Stupid hips!

Anyway, I'm BEGGING you, please go check out Holika Holika's Petit B.B. Cream (Moisture) (Read about it here!)!!! I'm loving it so much that I refuse to clean it off (I usually take my night showers around 5pm but here I am, with my face still prettily done up and wearing geeky spects.)! Please do! But please don't buy them out! Haha! I'm going to drop by tomorrow anyway, to take advantage of the GSS promotion and get 2 more tubes! Or should I get 3...? Mmmhmmm...

I hardly post photos of myself because well, I have issues with the way I look. But I swear the B.B. cream's magical! I look so nice!!! I must have taken more than 20 photos of myself (And am currently announcing it, shamelessly, to all and sundry. Rrrright.).

I got myself a pair of geeky spects from 77th Street for $15. Influence from the sister (All 3 Lee kids are proud to embrace our geeky sides *nods seriously*.).

And oh yes! The sister is heading to UK tomorrow morning with her besties (Meet the Bs; Bala and Beatrice.). She's going to be blogging about the trip and I think they are going to do some sort of a documentary. If you like the weird and funny, do check out her blog here! :DDD

Lots of love,
Charlene J. Lee

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