Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is my 3rd attempt at writing my happenings for the past 2 weeks. I don't know how much to let on and how much to keep to myself and hopefully, forget in time to come. Haha. I'm going to say this in the briefest way possible because I'm also really knackered at the moment.

It is my intention to do something new every summer. So I have worked at a school bookshop, been a barista, taught kids, babysat, did administration work (Which I absolutely abhor!), promoted beauty products and worked as a beauty assistant at Sephora. This summer, I thought I try acting. It was a really spur of a moment thing. I didn't have a portfolio so I sent in photos taken at events.

In the span of less than 2 weeks, I have gone for 5 auditions. Insane, I know. Especially when I have zero background, save for some class plays (Which obviously do not count.). I don't know where I found my guts to go for such stuff, really.

I got rejected for a polytechnic student's final project, got a role in an Okto programme, scored a small part in a Mediacorp project which got cancelled yesterday but was only notified today, right before another casting (I'm insanely upset about this one because it was a role that I was pretty sure I could do good in. )': ), will have a small part in the National Day's video and am waiting replies for 2 other projects (Which I really have no hope in because I was literally shaking. BIG SIGH.).

Okay, I need to breathe.

Anyway, I had my filming for Okto today. I had like only 4 lines to say and I had to act bimbo and cute. Lol. But I'm insanely grateful to Aisyah for giving me this opportunity and GUESS FRIGGIN' WHAT?!? I GOT TO SEE BENJAMIN HENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down* And I even got to look at him directly in the eye and stuff. Yes, yes! I had a scene with him (Together with 2 other girls.). Seriously, my life is complete. COMPLETE!!! *throws confetti*

And just because I'm a makeup fanatic, I got to try on MUFE's foundation, which is a real classic! The MUA used M.A.C's Warm Soul on my cheeks and I know he used an Estée Lauder mascara on me, which made my lashes flutter like mad but no way am I going to look into high-end makeup (Yeah, like NARS isn't... *rolls eyes*)! He didn't know what to do to my hair, so I ended up looking like the above. And I was supposed to be a potential wife... Pedophile much? LOL.

But anyway, thank goodness I forgot none of my lines!!! I didn't fumble and hopefully I displayed the right expressions. Fingers crossed that the final product will be okay and my face doesn't look fat and puffy and my eyes don't look puny so that I look like a complete China product (My fringe was straight, no thanks to my stupid decision to have my fringe cut the day before.) and and... And I don't know what else. The main thing is... I GOT TO SEE BENJAMIN HENG! *has a fangirl moment* But I was cool. I hope. I GOT TO FRIGGIN' LOOK AT HIM DIRECTLY IN THE EYE!!! *self-combusts repeatedly*

Okay, chill. Charlene, chill. *SQUEALS* Okay, chill. Actually, I AM chilled. I'm too tired (And upset.) to be hyped up actually.

To celebrate who-knows-what, I finally ordered the Juicy Couture Heart Logo Diamante Stud Earrings!!! I have been wanting this for the longest time! But they cost £54.00 initially and could only be shipped to the UK. Now they are £33.00 and only can't be shipped to the States! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But alright, there is totally no justification whatsoever as to why I should have them. Hmm... In replacement for a trip overseas? Sigh. I choose going overseas! But my friends are either doing their internship or saving up for their graduation trips. SIGH.

So yes, here ends my entry. I have been very tired and it's all showing on my face. Can you believe it? It's the hols and I have the worst complexion ever!!! Ughhh!

I'll be having breakfast with Dor tomorrow, meeting ZT after that for a 'photoshoot' for my blog and then, that's the end of my Sunday. Monday's brunch/ lunch is going to be spent with Chua and Michelle. Tuesday's the filming for the National Day video and then, it's gonna be blog entries and more blog entries. Oh yes! Hui Ping's returning tomorrow so I foresee many 'chillax' days with her. The sister is coming back on Wednesday!

Alrighty. Nights y'all!!! OH OH! 'True Blood' returns TOMORROW! It has been so long!!!


  1. pls let me know when the OKTO show airs :) Sound like u are having a fab summer!

  2. Haha. Okay, Hazel! (: Sure am! :D


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