Friday, June 3, 2011

REVIEW: Mario Badescu's Silver Powder

Hey Muffins! I recently mentioned that I was having a breakout but guess what?!? They are all gone now, save for the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). PIH are the marks left after the pimple has healed. You can read more about it here. (:

Instead of using my HG Eryacne, I decided to use Mario Badescu's Silver Powder.

The powder is housed in a 1oz tub. I got mine for $30 from under-twenty20 (I think it's out of stock at the moment. You can get it from Sephora, though it's crazily priced, or look out for 5g samples on SG_BEAUTY.). This precious powder is known to be a vicious enemy of blackhead and clogged pores. It also helps to absorb oil since the powder is 'super-absorbent'. It is meant to be used once or twice a week, 10 minutes for each application

To apply, wet a small wad of cotton wool and dip it into the tub. Just dip a little because a lot of powder is going to adhere to the cotton wool!

The powder turns into a paste upon contact with water. Press the cotton wool over the affected areas.

After a while, the paste dries up into powder and you can remove it with a toner! :D

I know the tub says to use it once or twice a week but desperate times call for desperate measures! What I did was to layer my entire face with it and go to sleep, for 3 consecutive nights! And yes, all my pimples have healed up now! One thing though, it did dry up my skin a little (Just a little!) but a good moisturizer will fix that up in no time! :D

I hope this helps you!

EDIT: I was tweeted a couple of questions and I thought I share them with everyone. (:

Will the Silver Powder get rid of PIH?
No, it won't. A lightening product or a serum will quicken the fading process of PIH. For me, I find that Hazeline Snow does the job and I use the normal one (Not the whitening one.). (:

Will the Silver Powder get rid of blackheads?
Blackhead will not go away indefinitely. Yes, in the morning, my nose is clear of all the little black full-stops but they come back. ):

Any other tips?
Mel, a Sephora BA whom I made friends with, recommends using it with a pore pack or Kosé/ Boscia's black mask.

"you just leave the silver powder on for 10 mins as instructed, then tone with a toning pad and later slather on your mask/place your pore pack on... works like magic I tell you! btw mixing the powder and water in a small dish before slathering it on is more economical then using a damp pad directly in the jar... ... it'll last longer! just a tip ;)"

Cheryl did an entry on this too. (:

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