Friday, June 17, 2011

REVIEW: Sunsilk's Silky Smooth & Manageable Line

At the start of June, I attended the Sunsilk's Product Launch and have been using the Silky Smooth & Manageable line for about 2 weeks. (:

The shampoo has a light pleasant scent and it's awesome! Unlike TRESemmé's shampoo, when I rinse the shampoo off, my hair doesn't feel the least bit dry!

The conditioner comes out creamy and it makes my hair feel incredibly soft! My hair's actually feeling a lot healthier than when I was using TRESemmé's products! :\

The Protecting Leave On comes out creamy as well. It isn't sticky at all. *thumbs up*

I had my hair rebonded a couple of months back and because my hair's shoulder-length, the ends are starting to poke at weird angles. Applying this before blow drying my hair helps 'tame' those ugly ends. My hair falls a lot better than if I don't apply this. But I do think that another session of rebonding is necessary for me to get rid of those ugly angles.

This is an awesome line to try, especially if you have dry hair! I'm going to do up the next entry now so keep a look out for it (Yes, it's related to this!)!

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