Monday, June 13, 2011

SWATCHES: Gransenbon's Gran Blushes

So last week, I was checking out Lynn's blog when I realized that Gransenbon blushers were back! Lynn found them at The Clementi Mall's BHG.

These little darlings first appeared at Watsons, retailing at $29.90. Now, they are exclusively at BHG and they are going for $15! But do note that they aren't found at ALL BHGs. ): Read on to hear my sad story!

After my date with Dor and pancakes, I went to check out Bugis' BHG. I must have walked like 5 time round the entire place, but I couldn't find them at all. So yes, I finally thought of asking the sales lady and she said they didn't have them. I thought I checked out Century Square's BHG but thank goodness, I decided to traipse from one end of SG to the other and ended up being in awe of the massiveness that was The Clementi Mall (They aren't available at Century Square's BHG either!).

So I swatched them and must have walked in and out BHG more than 10 times, but they were all so pretty and fickle me couldn't decide. Hence, I came home, empty-handed. HOW SAD AM I?!? *buries self*

BIG sigh. Anyway, only numbers 4, 9, 11 and 12 were available when I was there. I'm still thinking if I should go down to get them but they are really glittery. My eyeshadows tend to be very sparkly so I like to keep the rest of my face muted. Ahhh... Decisions, decisions!

But okay, my sob story isn't the key point of this entry! I wanted you to know that right this minute, there is some promotion over at Reebonz City! Click here to view it!

There are 3 sets for you to pick from and each set costs $34.90!

Set A
1. Gransenbon Gran Blush #04 Orange Brown
2. Gransenbon Gran Decollete Luxury #01 Silk Moon

Set B
1. Gransenbon Gran Blush #11 Sugar Marmalade
2. Gransenbon Gran Decollete Luxury #02 Nude Flower

Set C
1. Gransenbon Gran Blush #13 Cherry Fromage
2. Gransenbon Gran Decollete Luxury #03 Platinum Tiara

If you're going to get any... YAY!!! I helped you save! XDDD

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