Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SWATCHES: Everything Canmake!

I decided to do an entry solely on Canmake because I'm completely in love with their products!

I got myself 2 highlighters today; Milky White 01 and Baby Beige 05. This was the first time I spotted Baby Beige! And because I couldn't decide on which colour to get... I got both. Heh. *guilty smile* They come in flip-open plastic containers and are accompanied with the softest baby brushes ever! Though they look a little 'cheap', but I like that they aren't bulky and I can easily slip them into my pockets for quick touch-ups!

These little darlings can be found at Watsons. Each retails for $14.90 but there's a 20% discount going on at the moment!

The difference between the 2 is dead obvious in the pans. Baby Beige seems to have a tinge of pink in it. When swatched side-by-side, Milky White is stark white whilst Baby Beige is an off-white.

Like most Canmake products, they contain pretty discrete shimmers! (: You don't have to worry about looking like a disco ball at all!

Milky White 01 is definitely meant for the fair ladies.

And Baby Beige 05 will be perfect for those who are slightly darker. (:

These are the blushers which I mentioned in my haul post. I'm just going to include them here because they are so pretty and I want an entire entry dedicated to Canmake!

PW18 is the shade which I have been using! I tried to 'break' my 'obsession' by using theBalm's Down Boy today but my face just felt so... Wrong! Love, love, LOVE this!!! It's the perfect shade peachy-pink (More pink!) that brightens up your complexion!

I'm not entirely keen on PW25 at the moment. Haha. To think that this was the shade which I wanted initially (And not PW18!)! Perhaps it's because my eye makeup's always pink and dark purple, so having orange on just doesn't go. I shall look into Japanese makeup more!

I can hardly believe that this is my 4th week of hols! Counting down seems to make time pass A LOT faster! :\ I'll be picking my subjects for my final year in university next week! Cannot. Wait. To. Graduate! :DDD I'll be blogging more but I just want to say, have a nice week!!! (:

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