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TELLY: 醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You)

Morning! It's 5.45am now and I have no idea why I'm wide awake and bursting with energy. My Internet isn't being the friendliest thing at the moment so I'm typing this out on Notepad first. Guess you'll be seeing this when... Well, when my Internet decides to be nice. :\

Anyway, this isn't a beauty or food related post! But I figured I ought to share because I'm so so SO obsessed with it! And it is *drum rolls*...

醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You)!!! I haven't touched idol dramas in about 10, 000 years. Okay, no. 2 years. But I was waiting for all my American shows to start (TRUE BLOOD, hello! Their promo has 'Waiting Sucks.' all over it but it has been a YEAR and I am STILL waiting! GAH! Start already!) and I remembered Mike He had a new show (幸福最晴天 (Sunny Happiness). NOT promoting this show! It IS nice but it is in NO WAY as awesome as DTLY!) so I decided to watch that. And after every idol drama, you are.... Or at least, I am always left with the empty feeling (Like, WHY ISN'T MY LIFE LIKE THAT?!?) and I decided to fill that emptiness with MORE idol dramas. Haha.

I was sniffing around Funshion and I found DTLY!!! And I have watched it like only a gazillion times, whilst waiting for new episodes to air on Sunday! Crazy, I know. Addicted, I am aware. But who cares?!? It's the hols! *throws confetti*

DTLY stars the very adorable 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang) and the HILARIOUS 張孝全 (Joseph Chang)! This is supposed to be a spin-off/ sequel to the very popular 命中注定我愛你(Fated to Love You), which I found a little draggy (But nice. :D ). Anyway, I don't see ANY resemblance between the two. :\

Well, other than the fact that it's *takes a deep breath* girl meets boy who's attached but the girlfriend's a major ass and so boy falls in love with the first girl *breathes*.


Okay, I really have no idea who Joseph Chang is. Verlyn first spotted him at some MTV show (But he was too tanned for her liking. She likes him now though! :D) but other than the facts which Wikipedia gave, I know nothing about him (He acted in some film which he was nominated for some awesome award or something. But uhhh, where Mandarin is concerned, idol dramas are as far as I go. Unless they are those kungfu shows, which the dad, sister and brother like, so I end up watching them as well. I don't really like fighting but I do loves vampires. OKAY, STOP DIGRESSING!).

Oh oh! Apparently, there's some Channel U Show, Cooking Without Clothes, which he acted in, with Ann Kok. And they had a kissing scene. And I do not like Ann Kok. Grrr!

But anyway, Joseph is so INCREDIBLY cute! He isn't like movie-star good-looking but who cares?!? His expressions are so friggin' natural and hilarious! GOSH! I can watch him all day and still burst out laughing like an infatuated prepubescent! His acting skills are HELLISHLY top-notch! I mean, okay. Acting chops and idol dramas don't exactly go together (Look at the plethora of pretty boys in idol dramas who can't act for nuts! Yes, I still watch them. Complete sucker for sappy love stories and cheesy lines. They make my heart go "Awww...") but Joseph's reactions and expressions are crazy natural AND funny!

(10 minutes later)

I just attempted writing a summary but I absolutely suck at it. I make the most exciting show the most mundane, so just go watch it! And if you need any more convincing (Which you probably do because all that I am doing here is jumping on the chair and screaming that you NEED to watch it. Haha.), DTLY has the HIGHEST ratings so far! *cheers, dances and throws more confetti*

So go, go go watch this instant! You can watch it on Youtube, and Funshion. New episodes air every Sunday at 10pm, Taiwan's timing. But YouTubbers are hellishly awesome. You can watch it the next morning, WITH English subtitles. Gawd! YouTube's awesome but that's only because of the YouTubbers!


Oh yes! If you need any more reasons to watch the show, well, here is one VERY valid one *points above*! Again, I have no idea who he is other than the fact that his name is 白梓軒 (Tom Price). Very dashing and he CAN act. Thank goodness. Like the industry needs another Wu*AHEM*Zun. Then, there's also the very gorgeous 許瑋甯 (Tiffany Xu), who can act too! But I'm not posting a photo of her because she's like the bad girl. Haha. XD

And oh yes! 小鬼 (Xiao Gui) is also acting in the show *squeals*!

Alrighty. That's all for this entry! And oh yes! If you need more shows to watch, look for me!!! :DDD Total telly junkie here! Heh!

And and it's only 2 days to Sunday *squeals even harder*!!!

(I'm not a mouse in disguise. I promise you.)

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