Friday, July 15, 2011

EVENT: Bébé Poshe's Product Launch Party

BÉBÉ POSHÉ Event Launch was organized by BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG (Beaute Inn Pte Ltd).

Last Saturday, I attended Bébé Poshe's Product Launch Party, organized by Bébé Poshe and The Sample Store. The party was held at Lawry's, The Prime Rib.

The place was very posh and there was an old English charm to it. Chandelier lights did a wonderful job in giving the place a warm glow and the waiters and waitresses were all dressed up. I would have loved to work there, just because of the attire. Heh!

Bébé Poshe is the birth child of 5 Taiwanese socialites, Jennifer Lin, Sun Yun-Yun, Sun Ying-Ying, Michelle Liao and Cammier Huang. They worked with celebrity makeup artist, You Si Qi, to come up with a makeup line where luxurious design and effective formulae converge to give Asian women light and nude makeup.

Fel, Ru and I were early, so we started snapping photos. The products were laid out neatly in front of us. Though Bébé Poshe is new to the beauty scene (Introduced in the mid-summer of 2010.), they boast quite an extensive range of products!

What I found most interesting were the falsies! There are 4 types and each is modelled after different styles; Hollywood Star, Miami Babe, Paris Princess and Tokyo Doll! I like Paris Princess best (Who doesn't like the Parisian look?!? WHO?!?)!

Sexy Brow Shaper: To create picture-perfect brows!

Perfect Concealer: To cover all yours flaws for a porcelain complexion!

Starry Eyeshadows in 01 Vanity Fair, 02 Muse: Pigmented and smudge-proof, they ensure that you look gorgeous all day!

Dazzling Eye Pencils in 04 Starry Purple, 03 Midnight Blue, 01 Black Diamond, 02 Copper Metallic: Glide easily and are smudge-proof to give you those alluring eyes!

Incredible Gel Eyeliners in 01 Jet Black, 02 Brown: Rich in colours, the fine-tip brushes creates precise definition with ease! Go natural or dramatic!

Princess Kiss Lipsticks: Give you sexy and attractive lips!

Sexy Yummy Lipglosses: Make your lips luscious, without feeling the least bit sticky. Get ready to pucker up!

Lip Balms in Milky Coconut and Rose: They calm, soothe and heal irritations! Need I say more? (Psst! The Rose smells soooooooo good!)

Kristen Juliet was the host for the day!!! I was so so SO excited and happy to see her! I met her earlier this year at the Vichy's Normaderm Workshop and she's such a darling!!!

Melissa Yeo was the makeup artist of the day! I thought she looked a lot like Fann Wong, especially her eyes. Okay, I haven't got a good shot of her. But, really. I wasn't the first one who pointed it out to her! Pretty, pretty!

We had a small makeup demonstration, whereby Melissa introduced Bébé Poshe's products.

Melissa was telling us how girls always complain about concealer sitting into the lines under the eyes. Well, all you have to do is pat powder over it! Also, dabbing a little of shimmery eyeshadow right in the middle of the eyelid gives your eye some dimension!

After the makeup demonstration, we had a mini makeup competition! Here are Ru, Fel, Chantana and Verlyn having their Polaroids taken!

This is the 2nd time that I have seen Chantana after she got her hair done and each time I see her, I'm like "I LOVE YOUR BANGS!!!". And oh! I recently found out that Verlyn's a fellow TKGian!!! :DDD

Last but not least, thank you Bébé Poshe and The Sample Store for the lovely event and thank YOU for reading! :D

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  1. It's great seeing you too! :)

    Where's that picture we took together? I want it!!~

  2. beautysorority: Oh oh! It's with Ru! Here's the link: (:


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