Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EVENT: K-Palette's Eyes On You Beauty Bloggers' Workshop

On July 10th, I was invited to K-Palette's Eyes On You Beauty Bloggers' Workshop by The Sample Store.

The event was held at Fika - Swedish Café and Bistro. Whimsical and cozy, you and your lovelies can find it on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street (No. 257 Beach Road/ Arab Street).

I have been waiting for this event since I got the invitation in the middle of June!

Last summer, Mich and I worked as part-time promoters for Japalang, which is K-Palette's exclusive distributor. It was a wonderful 2-week stint! (:

This was K-Palette's very first event, with Canon as its official partner. We got our pictures taken and printed right on the spot! :D

I went with Fel and bumped into Lynn, who just got back from the States!

I also met Yina, who is Fel's friend. (:

Since I made the switch from pencil eyeliners to liquid ones, the 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner is all that I have been using!

Sharp and thin, I can decide on the thickness of my liner with ease and it doesn't go all flaky on me. It doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids too, which is the main reason why I ditched pencil and went liquid.

Read my review here. (:

The Lasting 2Way Eyebrow is K-Palette's newest product to hit our shores!

It has liquid and powder tips to ensure perfect and natural-looking brows! It is highly resistant to water, sweat and sebum. (:

There's Mr. Soh in the top picture. He's the head of Japalang. Sharon's the one with the mike and Ariel's the one in the white-dotted dress. Mariko-san, in the striped tee, was the makeup artist for the day!

Mariko-san taught us how to do Glamorous and Kawaii looks. Check out my friends Eunice and Mich sporting the 2 looks here!

The latest makeup fad in Japan is to draw bottom lashes right at the corner to give your lashes a fuller look (Now you know!)!

After the makeup demonstration, we were treated to a splendid lunch! For the main course, we had a choice between Rosemary-grilled chicken or Pan-fried Dory Fish and our whole table picked the fish! I had no idea that pomodoro sauce is a type of Italian tomato sauce (I don't really like tomato by-products.) but it was still good! And it came with potatoes (Big potato fan here.)! *squeals*

It was great fun catching up with Lynn, who was wowing me with all the sales and slashed prices in the States (Why, SG, why do you not have sales like that?!?)! Go stalk her blog for her US tales! :D

Lastly, thank you K-Palette and The Sample Store for a well-planned and very enjoyable event! It was fabulous to know how the Japanese ladies do their makeup. :D

And of course, there's you! Thank you for reading! :DDD

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