Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EVENT: Opening of SK-II's Miracle House with Tang Wei

Last Friday, I was able to attend the opening of SK-II's Miracle House thanks to Xinyi (Thanks so much, sweets, for extending your invitation to me! :D).

Dear Fel was there too! For those who don't know, Fel was actually my junior college classmate. Both of us were exempted from P.E. classes (She had medical reasons. As for me, heh heh. XD), so we spent time slacking whilst watching others sweat it out. HAHA! But exercise is important, really! Tang Wei said so! Read on. :D

I first encountered SK-II products when I was 17. The mummy received a bottle of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion for Christmas and I used it whenever she wasn't home. Haha. Using it felt extremely luxurious and I remembered the luminosity my face achieved from using it!

The mummy is still using SK-II but it's a little troublesome to go to her room now. She loves it tons, saying that it really helps to reduce her wrinkles! :D

The leads for the day were Evelyn Tan who's the emcee (I liked her A WHOLE LOT when she first entered the local entertainment scene. The sister and I bought her CD and memorized all her songs.), Mr. Samuel S. Kim who's the vice-president of ASEAN & Asia Development Markets, Procter & Gamble Asia, and the very beautiful and talented Tang Wei!

The event's focus was on the 'BIO-Shift', which was explained to us by Mr. Kim. This is a revolutionary approach towards diagnosing and addressing skin concerns, uncovered after 35 years of meticulous research.

'BIO-Shift' is a holistic concept of improving the skin. You know how teachers in schools are always stressing about 'holistic education' and being 'well-rounded' (Umm, at least mine did. A LOT. Haha.)? Well, the same applies to the skin too. We need to take care of all areas of the skin and not just tackle a single problem.

This concept stretches across 5 dimensions - texture refinement, spots control, radiance enhancement, wrinkle resilience and firmness power - which are critical in achieving crystal clear skin. It works on the micro-level, from the starting point of the gene, right through each bio-index to its final expression of skin's crystal clarity. Basically, without using any jargon, it works through every single layer of the skin! :D

This was followed by an interview with Tang Wei, conducted by Evelyn Tan (She's awesome at translating from Chinese to English on the spot. But do note, Tang Wei's English wasn't the least bit shabby!!!).

This was Tang Wei's first appearance as SK-II's newest ambassadress! Describing herself as a tomboy (Really, tomboy?) and one who's very into sports, she didn't really take care of her skin. She started using SK-II's products a year ago and after using it, she realized that her skin became smoother and more moisturized. There was also the much coveted luminosity and glow! Her makeup artist also commented that makeup applied onto her skin better too.

One thing which she believes in majorly is that exercise is important. When we sweat, our pores open up and toxins are able to get out of our body. This way, our skin will be able to absorb our skincare products better!

She also demonstrated how she used the Facial Treatment Essence; she pours just a few drops of it and pats it gently on her face! And here's what she said...

"While I have to travel around in the nature of my work, I have full confidence that SK-II can meet all the different needs of my skin, affirming its commitment to shift the destiny of my skin to a new level of crystal clarity."

After the event, I decided to watch '色,戒 (Lust, Caution)' to know more about her (You can read about my thoughts here, though they are pretty redundant. Heh.) and indeed, she deserves every single award that she has won.

I think a brand's choice of ambassadors speaks volumes about the brand itself. SK-II's products are a little on the steep side for a student like me, but it's going to be a brand which I'm willing to invest when I get a little older (And earn more moolah!). (:

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