Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FILM: Lars and the Real Girl

So I'm starting another label, 'Film', reason being that I didn't want to file all non-beauty related entries under 'Ramblings'. Yes, I know. Anal me.

This film is apparently a comedy-drama, though I found nothing funny about it. Lars is a socially awkward guy. He eschews conversations with people. He eschews touch. Basically, he just does his stuff and then pack up and go back and live in a garage, a place he calls home.

His brother's wife is especially worried about him, so imagine her delight when he says that he's going to bring a girl, Bianca, home for dinner. And imagine her confusion and shock when she finds that Bianca is a love doll. Now, hold your horses, there is absolutely nothing RA about this show. It turns out that Lars comes from a very troubled family and as a result, is what he is today. And it's only through Bianca and the help of a doctor that he eventually overcomes his delusion and recovers.

Okay, I know. I'm awful at summaries. Read about it here.

This is my first Ryan Gosling movie. I know, I'm completely sad! I didn't catch 'The Notebook' because I don't like sad stuff. I know him only because he pops up everywhere on Popsugar and I always thought he was just like you know... A pretty face. But I should have known better. Pretty faces only exist in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. Gosling acted really well. I was very convinced that he was literally 'bonkers'. And imagine... Acting with a doll! It takes a hell lot of imagination and skills and whatever it is that actors have.

The other actor that I was impressed with was Patricia Clarkson. She was the crazy but oh-so-adorable Mum in 'Easy A' (Which I watched... Only a couple of millions times.). Apparently, she was in 'The Green Mile' too, a movie which I watched when I was in primary school and I watched till I couldn't stop crying and the parental units sent me to bed. But anyway, it's amazing. Versatile actors are amazing. One minute, you're convinced that she's really little Miss Sunshine and the next, she's rocking out some emo role and you're just like... Wowed. Well, at least I am, anyway.

And talking about versatile actors, please go watch 'True Blood' and get acquainted with Alexander Skarsgård, a.k.a Eric Northman, because he is ONE HELL of an actor. And not to mention, one hell of a body as well. Heh.

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