Saturday, July 16, 2011

FILM: 色,戒 (Lust, Caution)

On Friday, I attended SK-II's media event where Tang Wei made her first appearance as SK-II's newest ambassadress. During the interview, she was asked what got to her the most during the filming of her latest movie, '武俠 (Swordsmen)'. And she replied that it was being a mother and that being a mother is her dream. I was a little taken aback because I mean... Haha. Man, I don't know about you, but I don't actually want to be a mother, or even get married. I guess it will eventually happen because that's life for you. But even if it doesn't, I'm pretty okay with it. Lol. If this whole interview thing took place in like the 1990s', fine, I completely understand. But in this age?!? Haha. I think I just aired my naivety. But whatever it is, such an answer coming from one of the biggest stars in Asia... I was really... Hmm... Dumbfounded?

Anyway, being quite the Wiki-addict, I wiki-ed her when I got home and decided to make '色,戒 (Lust, Caution)' my late night movie.

One thing which I like to observe about actors are their eyes. The moment when they lower their lids, how quick, how slow, how deliberate, the way the irises dart in panic... I think that's the most difficult bit, as well as the most expressive part about acting and Tang Wei did hers beautifully. Her lively almond-shaped eyes fluttered like how a courtesan should and she was flawless in her role as Wong Chia Chi and Mrs. Mak. The last bit when she was struggling between her duty to the country and her gratitude towards Mr. Yee's love for her was depicted clearly through her eyes.

Of course, I should mention that she is very beautiful. In real and reel life. Also, she learnt Shanghainese just for this show. For '月滿軒尼詩 (Crossing Hennessey)', she learnt Cantonese. And I'm like GAHHH!!! I haven't even started revising my French even though I have declared that I would countless of times on Twitter (Yes, I have yet to start. All I have done is pull out the book.).

Besides the above, I can't really comment much on the movie because I can't identify with it. But that is quite a duh statement, considering the period the movie was set in and now. But still... The whole time I was like 'Uhhh... Chia Chi's giving up EVERYTHING for her country... Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh.'. I don't know man. I think there has got to be a limit. But she just gave up everything. In the pursuit of killing ONE traitor, who was Mr. Yee. And if you think about it, Mr. Yee probably didn't want to betray his country. But if he didn't, his family would probably be killed. So in actual fact, they were going to kill a man who was trying to protect his loved ones.

Hmm... I probably thought way too much. But oh well, I just wanted to journal my thoughts. I'm going to read about the News International phone hacking scandal before working on my next blog entry. Toodles!

P.S.: Oh yes! I'm hooked on The New York Times. Absolutely hooked. I love the writing style. I'm going to see if their crossword puzzle book is available at Kinokuniya tomorrow.

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