Friday, July 29, 2011

FILM: She's All That

Decided to make 'She's All That' the movie of the night because of Anna Paquin. Her role is small but I love every bit of her screen time (By the way, Sookieverse Blog does awesome analysis on True Blood. Every episode. It's amazing.).

The story's your typical high school Cinderella story and I'm a sucker for them. Or rather, I was. I guess with all these vampires flying around nowadays and werewolves growling (Sookieverse described Alcide as Ken doll. Haha. I was so amaused!), I'm a little tired of this formula. Or maybe I have grown up.

I still remember when I was 19, I ran to the parents' room the moment I got home and asked the daddy if I could watch a show. The daddy was a tad taken aback by my 'ferocity' and was like "Okay." and he stayed in the room to watch it with me.

And I happily switched on Disney Channel and watched 'Princess Protection Program'.

The father: Uhhh... This is a high school show?
Me: (completely absorbed) Uh huh.
The father: Uhhhhh... Aren't you a little too old for this?!?
Me: *HOLLERED* I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The father left the room.

Yeah... Haha. Oh well. At least, I have grown out of them. Even though I'm a little late.

Anyway, Rachael Leigh Cook is gorgeous! I had no idea that she was Josie McCoy in 'Josie and the Pussycats'. I didn't watch the movie and don't think I ever will but I read a lot of Archie comics and saw the ads for it and I was like 'Josie's prettier than Melody!' and we all know that Melody's the gorgeous one in the comics.

And Cook's married to Daniel Gillies, who's Elijah in 'The Vampire Diaries'!

I love all these links! *claps in delight*

Just like how Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore from said show, is married to Torrey DeVitto, Melissa Hastings from 'Pretty Little Liars'!

And right, what a frivolous entry but I really haven't got much to say about the movie other than the fact that I wish Anna Paquin had more screen time.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

I'm going to bed with this song in my head.

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