Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HAUL: New additions to the room.

The baroque photo frame was from a long time back (Read the entry here.).

The one that looks like it has got pearls adorning the perimeter of the photo is from IKEA. It was $8.90. I love pearls. It houses a photo of the cousins, sister and me. You have seen the cute little boy all-grown-up in the previous entry. I'm in the hideous neon orange jumpsuit... Or whatever it is.

The 'Keep Calm and Carry On' metal sign is a gift from the sister. She got it when she was in the UK.

FAIRY LIGHTS!!! I cannot be a happier child!!! *dances around*

These are from IKEA too, around $20. I was a little hesitant to get them because they were in purple.

I used to love purple a lot because purple sweets were so good! So each time I got to eat coloured sweets, I always chose purple. Then, one fine day, I decided to break the monotonous rhythm of habit and picked a red one (Cherry-flavoured.) and I was incredulous that it tasted better. I rarely pick purples now. I feel cheated by it. It's like 'Because of you (purple), I missed out on so many years of other coloured sweets! Grrr!!!'. Very petty, I know.

But these fairy lights look like gems. I decided to make an exception and bought them.

Please don't have the impression that my bay window is as clean as a whistle. I have relegated the things which were making it a pigsty to the floor.

So now my floor looks like a pigsty.

This is the whiteboard of my desk. Having gone on massive shopping sprees this hols, I have acquired quite a number of tags (I just realized that one has got its bottom facing us. Ah. I'm too lazy to take another one. Maybe tomorrow. Or later. Or maybe never. Depends on how anal I get. Which depends on my mood.).

I love the Pull & Bear ones.


  1. I see my photos!! But omgggg look at how horrible I looked back in JC! Btw, the fairy lights look fab!

  2. felicianeo.com: Haha. I looked crappy too! Haha. Yes, they are so pretty! :D


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