Monday, July 18, 2011

HAUL: No makeup! XD

Hi!!! It's Monday again! Can time pass any faster?!? Just a moment ago, I was just starting my 2-month long vacation and now, I'm left with a mere 3 weeks. GLOOM. GLOOM. GLOOM. But there's nothing like an awesome retail therapy to let in some sunshine! And guess what? I haven't spent a single cent on makeup!

Okay, I did buy an eyeliner because I was running low on my K-Palette and that was before I attended the K-Palette event. Oh! I will be doing my post for the event this week! (:

First up, the Chinese/ Taiwanese Agnes B. Mook!!! I knew it was coming out a while ago so I was stalking NOT A Books Kinokuniya Chinese Magazines & Japanese Magazines Promotions + New Arrivals BLOG (Okay, it's a really long name for a blog, but I don't know its actual name. I took this name off the top of the blog.) but last week, I was so busy and forgot about my stalking. Then, I saw Verlyn's post and I was like 'ARGHHH! I can't believe I missed it!' and then, said blog posted that the 2nd shipment was in! So I hurriedly gathered orders from the ladies in the family, went down yesterday and got them! I looked insane carrying 3 mooks to the cashier. But whatever. It isn't like anyone's going to remember me (Yes, each time I decided to do something 'embarrassing', I will use this line to give myself some 'courage'.)!

I went back in the evening to get 2 more copies for Sharon and Ariel and there were still many copies left! So go get it! The necklace is really pretty and the auntie in me is like "Hello?!? It's Agnes B. at an affordable price!". Oh yes! The price! It's $38 for there's a direct 20% discount, so it's going for $30.40. :D

Pictures of the necklace here!

Next comes 'Onwards' by Howard Schultz. He is Starbucks' Daddy. The price ($42.75) nearly killed me but I want anything Starbucks (Minus the cups, tumblers and bears.) (I pledge my unwavering loyalty to Starbucks, though I do not drink coffee because it stains the teeth. I drink ice tall no classic one pump vanilla soy green tea latte. I Hope I got the order right. During Christmas, I change the syrup to peppermint! YUMMY!). And I figured that this was the closest that I was ever going to get to reading a business-related book. So... I bought it. T_T

I bought this little pouch for Dor because it's so her! When I saw it, I was like 'Uhhh. This is practically screaming 'DORRR!!!''. I think she's a little too busy with her internship at the moment to read my blog so it's safe to post this. :D

I'm meeting her this Friday and I can't wait to pass this to her! LOVE!

This is for Lennard. He's too much of a guy to read my blog so I'm safe too, in posting this. If I ever do get guys gifts, it's usually chocolates. But I wanted something that will stay for him because he's going back to the States soon and won't be coming back for some time. So... I got him 'The Little Black Book'! Hahaha!

I really didn't know what to get, actually. I mean, for girls, I totally know what to get! But guys? I get the father and the brother clothes but that's because I can ask the mother for their sizes. Asking Lennard for his size will be totally letting the cat out of the bag so oh well.

Okay, I'm literally mad about feathers! Really. I recently ordered Sultra's Feather Hair Accents from Sephora for the sister and me and they cost me a whopping $168 (Without shipping costs.). All my friends are laughing at me because I'm paying over a hundred for feathers! And I do know I am insane. But I have already ordered them. And I go insane like once in a blue moon. Yeah right...

So anyway, back to the above earrings! I got these from F21 (Obviously!) and they were just $5 each! GAWD. I LOVE F21! One's blue and the other's black. I know the lighting in the photos are back. I'm really awful at taking photographs (Should have bought the cheaper camera. Like I would know the difference, really. *grumbles grumbles*).

And it seems like F21's new stock is in!!! YAY! *throws confetti* I really do not like the previous collection. Lots of ugly tribal patterns. Now, F21 has gone HIPPIE! At least, I think it's hippie. Heh. Like they have tops which ends are cut into strips. You know, like Pocahontas? And gosh! I just wiki-ed Pocahontas because I needed to check the spelling and umm... She's a real person! I had no idea! Read about her here!

(I'll read it tonight! I'm typing so furiously now because there is so much to say!)

I love pearls! I don't see any aesthetic value in diamonds. I mean, all those cuts or facets of the diamond (Okay, I have no idea what they are called but there's this site here, which again, I will read it tonight. No time now!) are really ugly to me. And you know how shiny diamonds can get in the light or whatever... Like hello?!? Those little pots of money can literally blind you! No thank you!

So anyway, yes. Back to pearls! I think they are simple and classy. The second pair will look absolutely elegant if you have your hair tied up in a neat bun. I saw it on Rebecca Lim at the SKII's event and a dangly pair of pearl earrings went on my 'To buy' list.

And literally, oh my gosh!!! I have been waiting FOREVER for these darlings to come!!! I ordered them from ASOS when the price dropped to £33.00 (Original price was £54.00. Its page is here.). This is my first JC purchase and they look so elegant and luxurious!

One thing that annoys me though, is that the word 'Juicy Couture' isn't printed clearly. Some of the black is missing. The mother asked me to fill it in with marker and I was like "NEVERRR!!!". Marker on my JC earrings?!? Seriously, Mother?!? No no no!!!

I have to go take my lunch now. I'm terribly sorry for rambling on and on! I really appreciate it if you have read all the above and even if you just look at the photos, I'm grateful too! :DDD I bought clothes too but they are all squashed up in my closet. I'll iron them closer to the start of school.

Which is very soon. OH, GLOOM!!!

But anyway, toodles! Thanks for reading! :D

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