Thursday, July 28, 2011

HAUL: Those insanely expensive feathers... Well, they are here.

I bought Lioele's Water Drop BB after reading Cheryl's entry. This was $11.40, with an additional $3 for postage from Secretive.

Though my product came nicely wrapped and I got it within 4 days of making the order, I wasn't exactly happy with their service. A lady called me on Tuesday to inform me that the last tube that they had was opened and so, they couldn't send it to me. And that they didn't do refunds. I was rather displeased because I didn't want to buy something which I didn't need and then, have to shell out another $14.40 when it came back in stock. And it wasn't my fault here. I didn't see why they couldn't give me back my money. The lady apologized (Thank you for that.) and then, replied that she would check the warehouse. After a while, she called to tell me that they had stock in the warehouse.

Question: Why didn't she check out the warehouse in the first place?!? If I hadn't shown my displeasure, I would have ended up with something which I didn't need.

I really don't get it.

The above is the number of samples that are lying on my bay window. My fairy lights have been swept aside in the name of beauty. I'm sorry!

And lastly, here are the insanely expensive feathers which I ordered last month. My friends were all laughing at me for shelling out so much for friggin' feathers. But guess what, darlings? I have the last laugh. They are all out of stock!!! On Sephora, on Sultra website itself! *cue: evil laughter*

(We really wanted Boho Breeze. But we weren't quick enough. ):)

Haha (At my bimbo-ness and sillyness.). But really, I'm wondering how many Singaporeans watch Pretty Little Liars. I mean, if anyone has seen Aria sporting them feathers in her hair, they would want to get some NOW. It's a huge fad in the States currently (Probably helmed by Aria darling, though she isn't the first to wear them.) but it's almost non-existent here. I haven't seen anyone, besides the sister and me, wearing feather earrings even though Accessorize, F21 and Topshop have got them.

Or maybe I just haven't gone out enough.

Or maybe everyone thinks they are silly (The daddy sure thinks so.). Except for the sister and me. Mmhmmm.

Anyway, I got these for US$25 a pop (I know, heart pains.) from Sephora via a spree held by Crimson Rose. Crimson Rose holds sprees and have instocks as well, from NYX to Benefit to Urban Decay! Prices are slightly higher but the service has been most satisfactory! (: Everything's really chop chop. I make my orders and I get my items in the evening (Meetups.). Completely fuss-free.

An outfit post is on the way, so hold your horses! :D

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