Friday, July 1, 2011

OUTING: Lunch at Paradise Dynasty!

Today was an awesome day of food and more food! Hui Ping's one of my buds from secondary school and she's back in SG for the hols. I have been dying to try the famed coloured xiao long baos at Paradise Dynasty so we had our lunch there!

Entering the restaurant was like being transported back in time. The decor was that of ancient times and the waiters and waitresses were decked out in traditional costumes! And oh! Tea flowed 'dangerously' from those pots with long spouts! I was afraid that the waiters would whack our heads by accident when lifting the pots. I know they won't but still, I kept my head down when they came around. :\

I'm no food connoisseur so the following is what my amateur taste buds have to say:

Black (Black Truffle)
This was probably the weirdest combination. I have only encountered black truffle chocolates, so to have that kind of sweetness with meat... It was just really strange. Anyway, I just wiki-ed truffle and it's actually a type of fungus! Read about it here!

Brown: Fois Gras
Yucks, yucks, yucks! I hate this! It stank! But yes, I finished it. *beams*

Green: Ginseng
This is my 3rd favourite! I love ginseng, anything ginseng! The ginseng taste was very strong. I made the mistake of eating this last (You know, keep the best for the last.) so there was some sort of 'staleness' to it.

Grey: Garlic
My 2nd favourite was very tasty! The garlic smell was just right, nothing to overpowering to give you garlic breath!

Orange: Crab Roe
This was just alright. The crab roe smell was light.

Pink: Szechuan
I was wary of eating this because szechuan stuff = spicy but gosh! This was undoubtedly my favourite! It wasn't very spicy and it tasted like szechuan vegetables which I absolutely like!

White: Original
I thought this was better than the one I ate at Din Tai Fung but I can't be too sure since I didn't eat them at the same sitting. But I definitely wanted more after having one. Very unlike Din Tai Fung's one.

Yellow: Cheese
This was downright cheesy. I didn't like it because again, cheese and meat... Just plain weird.

Pardon my useless descriptions! I definitely need to look into brushing up my food vocabulary, especially since I eat so much. This website has a more detailed description on the treasures inside the little baos!

This was steamed fish with black fungus. The fish was soft and fresh! It was almost like biting into soft pillows. The gooey sauce was extremely tasty!

Umm... I can't really remember what this dish is called. French beans something... I wanted the Australian Lettuce but Hui Ping suggested this and I practically cleaned up the entire plate! Fried with minced meat and chili slices, this was simply delectable! It wasn't spicy till you had to douse yourself with water. The spiciness danced across your taste buds so all that you wanted was more and more!

This was Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Bun. The base was like that of fried ice-cream! I eat baos all the time in school and love the softness of them. To try one that was slightly crispy instead was a real nice change! It wasn't that fried until you felt like you were eating something 'heaty', which I really liked.

Last but not least, photos of my pretty bud! She has the fairest complexion and nicest hair! And she rocks those bangs, doesn't she?!? She kept saying that she didn't! My hair was the stupid one today!

We sat together when we were in secondary 1 and were really close. We kept a tin of bulky stationery (Like staplers and scissors.) under our desks so that we didn't both have to squeeze those stuff into our skinny pencil cases! And we were always yakking away during Chinese lessons! We grew apart a little when we went to different classes in Secondary 3 but I'm really glad we still keep in contact. She's one of my buds who I want to keep for the rest of my life. :D LOVE!

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