Saturday, July 23, 2011

OUTING: Meet the girl behind the tattoos.

Remember the friend who got those gorgeous birds inked on her (Read the entry here.)? Well, meet Eli. (:

We met last Wednesday for dinner at Skinny Pizza, Raffles City. We ate some blueberry-turkey-ham thing. Gawd, crap. I make a really crappy food blogger. Haha.

We had sides too. Some basil/ herbs-filled mashed potatoes, chicken sausage and fries that were so-much-better-than-MacDonald's-crappy-cardboard ones.

After our not-very-filling dinner, we headed to this restaurant near where Shokudo used to be (Yes, I don't even know its name. So really, this entry is just an Eli-spam.). DO YOU KNOW THAT SHOKUDO CLOSED DOWN?!? T_T I had no idea and was more upset than I thought I would be at its demise. *starts grieving*

The above's almond cream. We couldn't figure what the top layer was. I think it was peach?

Eli had some cheng-teng thing, which she was pretty certain it was all sugar water. Oh well. Just as well that I don't know the restaurant's name.

Here's a last picture of Eli pre-bangs. She's currently in Bangkok now. On her first night there, she got bangs and did 10kg worth of shopping.

Sigh. But I don't see any appeal in Bangkok. Oh well. F21's good for me. (:

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