Monday, July 25, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Abbreviations for the win.

The awkward moment when you tap your ez-link card on the shuttle bus to IKEA and the reader beeps like hell. And you don't get it and tap again. And the reader beeps like hell. Again.

People 'FML' their lives for no apparent reasons. I believe that (above) was an appropriate FML moment.

That said, it was a splendid time at IKEA with the cousin, who's a budding architect. Well, starting on August 11th anyway.

I was very tempted to buy this bed for my soft toys. But sensibility and rationalness won the day. GLOOM!

I bought candles (amongst other stuff) so that my room could smell like fresh apples and I regret it. I should have got potpurri instead.

I have no idea how to use a lighter and the matches won't light up either. Oh hell.

The above's from the cousin's garden party on Saturday. The sister blogged about it here.

10 minutes later.

OH GOSH! *jumps around* My first LIGHTED candle! Unadulterated bliss!!! And I did it the old-fashioned way with matchsticks. Lighters, BLAH!

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