Friday, July 22, 2011

RAMBLINGS: I. Cannot. Wait. For. Graduation.

Friends who are doing 3-year courses in university are graduating left, right, front and back of me. I'm doing a 4-year Honours course but I'm graduating a year earlier (Please study hard for your A Levels!)! I'll be starting my last year on August 8th and gawd! I. Cannot. Wait. For. Graduation.

I can't even begin to describe the deep-seated animosity I feel for NTU. From the incomprehensible professors (Imagine: Speaking in sentences which has no punctuations of any sort. How do they breathe? And of course, speaking in accents and grammar structures which are completely alien to me. Wikipedia, Google and YouTube are my acknowledged professors.) to cannot-teach-for-nuts professors to who-knows-nothing-about-Math professors*... And the fact that it has names like Pulau NTU and Communist School. You get the picture.

*There are exceptions, but they are rare and few and are hard to come across like needles in the haystack.

The only reason why I managed to and will be managing to drag my butt all the way to Pioneer is that it will all be over soon.

I have no plans to attend the convocation. At all.

I know it's extremely sad but I don't even think my degree's legit. The professors can't even answer a junior college Statistics question (I tested.) and I couldn't answer a single Statistic question for my Probability and Statistics I and II papers and I got As for them. It's amazing, really.

This degree, even when I get it, is NOT legit to me. STUPID DEGREE!


I'm still in my little bubble that 40k will somehow be carried to me by a stork. And nope, I'm not even attempting to save at the moment.

My gawd. CHARLENE!!!

P.S.: Please excuse me. I just got up not too long ago and talking about school just fires me up. Just one more year and I can scream "GOOD RIDDANCE!!!"! *squeals*


  1. Ouch, that sucks! But I feel that's the problem with uni profs in general, they're not hired because they can teach. Most of them honestly can't teach for nuts.

    But enjoy school and your schoolmates! Fourth year should be fun *crosses fingers*. I'm starting my fourth year, in NUS! =)

  2. Cherub's Lips: Sigh, yeah. There should be some sort of a rule or something, really.

    Ah yes, friends really make it worthwhile! (: Thanks and all the best for your last year too! :D


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