Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Moribus Modestus.

Insomnia's fast becoming my best friend. I barely managed 2 hours of sleep before the pitter-patter of rain stirred me up from my slumber. Thanks to the ever-running train of thoughts in me, I can't go back to lala land now. And get this. I don't even know what I'm thinking about.

Just because of this, I can't wait for the horror, a.k.a school, to commence. I'll be so sick of theorems and proofs that falling asleep will be easy-peasy.

At times, there are little moments when I make little slips and talk a lot of nonsense and think a lot of rubbish. And when I wake up from these accursed days, I feel incredibly embarrassed.

I think if I were to get a tattoo like Eli, I have 'Moribus Modestus' inked on me.

My secondary school's motto meant nothing to me when I just entered. I remembered having to sit for tests on the school's song, philosophy and the darned motto. Haha. It was really ridiculous. I think such imprinting of history and values don't work on kids anymore.

But I guess, as I get older... Perhaps, I'm just looking for some sort of a guide... But it seems perfectly normal to live by the motto now. Maybe then I won't veer off the straight path.

Straight just seems a lot easier than winding, don't you think?

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