Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RAMBLINGS: So bury the places.

Why is it when we lose lovers, we lose places?

The city which you so boldly walked becomes infested, haunted by ghosts of that ever-living love. It’s no longer yours, no longer a whole – it’s formed by places you spent in those idle waking loving hours, grateful to have and be had.

I just read On Love And Cities. How true it rings, doesn't it? But people don't write about it often. People dwell on memories and not on places.

Or maybe I haven't read enough. But I tend to eschew the L word (Oh gosh! I do seem to eschew many things, don't I?!?).

Places were the first things I tried to rid myself off when... Well, when things ended (Okay. Funny English here.). I changed my route to school, I took the longer way home, I studied somewhere else.

But I chose to work at the place where he studied. I worked there in the day. He studied there at night. It was a case of 'I don't want to see you but I still want a link of some sort to you.'. Women don't make much sense, do they?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not thinking about him. And I'm definitely not being miserable about anything. I'm actually very happy, in fact. I had a little F21 shopping spree today and I just received an email from my new Japanese friend, Mariko-san (I have this insane desire to keep in touch with everyone that I have ever met. It doesn't matter if we don't become buds or if we don't ever talk or see one another again or whatever. But I would like to know that the people I know are doing fine. You know? Haha. Okay, I guess you don't and gosh! Talk about digression! *multiple eye rolls* But just one more thing, thank you Above for the invention of Facebook!). :D

Hmm... I lost my thoughts in the midst of my digression (And I really need to find another word for 'digression'. Okay, got it! 'Divagation'! Hahaha! In Blogger, there's the red squiggly line under it! But so does the word 'Blogger'. LOL!). Anyway, I just stopped all thinking of him and eventually the memories faded and it was only places that reminded me of him. I really can't remember much because I blocked out a lot of it. A lot.

I guess if I strain my brain a little and think really hard, I can remember some. But I wouldn't do that.

It would be silly.

People shouldn't dwell in the past. It's just like how I try not to read or watch the same love story twice. Because what has happened has happened and will never happen again.

And as usual, I have divagated. I shall fight myself no more.

And on a completely unrelated note... I think I have been watching too many American shows where giants, or otherwise known as huge men, dominate. That new manager at 313 Somerset's F21, who's very huge, got my heart skipping.

And my heart hasn't skipped for a very, very long time.

I told the mummy about it. And I think she's a little scared. Or worried. I couldn't really figure out her expression.

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