Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RAMBLINGS: Things of sorts.

I took this before I slept last night. I almost convinced myself that I was in fairyland.

About 4/5 of me wants to head down to IKEA and stock up on them. But Charlene, fairylights aren't makeup. No one stocks up on lights. They will still be around when you're 40 (I hope I don't jinx anything by 'saying' this out loud.).

I'm a proud owner of 33 nail polishes and 11 mini ones in various colours of the rainbow and I even have colours which don't belong to the rainbow. And all that my nails ever see is red. I couldn't bring myself to paint them pink last night.

It is this 'struggle' within me (Whether to paint them nails red or not red. And then, deciding to paint them red. And then, regretting it terribly because I'm not being fair to the non-reds, who are almost all brand new.) that keeps my nails bare most of the time. First world pains, aye?

I got these (pretentious) YSL stickers to glam up my nails but I can't bear to use them. Perhaps it has got to do with the fact that I know and own absolutely nothing about and from the brand.

It's just like how I refuse to wear a guitar pendant because I can't play the guitar. I own several Tinkerbell ones. The mummy asked if I thought I were a fairy.

And say hello to my new tin of Steam Cream! It's green and bright and I love it!

The sister said the original one was nicer. 'Vintage' was her exact word. But it isn't like me to pick 'accessories' plain. My 'base/ foundation' is usually plain. So that my 'accessories' can go all funky.

The other day I wanted to cancel my hair appointment and I thought really long before making the phone call.

'Should I say my name first and then, explain what I want?'

'Or should I explain what I want first and then, say my name?'

It seems to me that the latter makes more sense because if you did the former, the person would most probably have forgotten your name by the time you were done with your explanation. But then, the latter seems really rude. Like "Eh, hello. I want this and that. And oh! By the way, I am blah blah blah.".

I blame my Starbucks upbringing for this. We were supposed to drink call in a manner that would be easier for the baristas at the bar to cup mark. I did't really memorize the order (In which we called the drinks.) because I don't do memory work, as much as I can help it. I just asked myself what I thought the baristas needed to know first.

And now, I'm stuck with it. In every aspect of my life. For life.

The sister doesn't want to live in a world where the Biebs exists. Hmmm... Kinda tough. I had no idea that bedspreads and wall stickers had his face plastered on them.

Anyway, the impending semester is tickling my bones! Last year!!! *throws confetti*

And I'm sort of falling for a guy in my French class, who's on my Facebook but whom I have barely spoken 2 words to, parce que les mots de lui (I hope I got that right.).

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